by Mike Carey, Samit Basu, Ashok Bhadana (Liquid/Dynamite, 2010)

The art of this story, set first in India, then England, is excellent. Kudos to Ashok Bhadana for his work.

The story by Mike Carey and Samit Basu is likewise very good -- to a point.

Vimal is an outcast in British-occupied India, likely the bastard son of an English officer. His mixed blood earns him the right of an education, but not the respect of his teachers or peers, and Vimal's life is hard. Meeting that demon in the jungle doesn't make it any easier. Jara at first sees the young Indian boy as prey, then decides he's an ally against the alien race that's occupying her homeland. Suffice it to say, Vimal is never in control of their tenuous relationship, even when he believes he is.

Billed as a horror, Untouchable is never scary or even very tense. The unfolding of events is fairly predictable. And the ending is weak, more as if Carey and Basu ran out of ideas rather than followed a carefully wrought script to an intended conclusion.

Ah well, the art is good.

review by
Tom Knapp

28 May 2011

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