Anne Verlhac,
Marilyn Monroe: A Life in Pictures
(Chronicle, 2007)

This gorgeous, classy book encompasses the lifespan of the young Norma Jeane Baker/Mortenson, from lonely little girl to unknown young model, and through her metamorphosis into luminous superstar Marilyn Monroe, as well as into the last days of her life. The story is told through photographs.

It is full of beautiful black-and-white and color photos, both portraits and unposed snapshots, many of which I haven't seen before. There are also many quotes included, both by Monroe and about her, and there is a brief timeline at the end of the book that gives an overview of many of the important events in her life. The very short biography at the beginning of the book is a bit drab, but the main story here is, of course, the pictures, which encompass so many of the moments of her life.

If you never got the chance to own James Spada's Monroe: Her Life in Pictures, this would make a nice replacement. This is a wonderful and eclectic gathering of photos, and would be an attractive addition to any MM library.

book review by
Lee Lukaszewicz

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