We Will Bury You
by Brea Grant, Zane Austin Grant, Kyle Strahm (IDW, 2010)

We Will Bury You is your standard zombie story. Set in New York in 1927, it features the a pair of women in love who hook up with a group of circus freaks as they battle the hungry dead.

There's nothing really new here, unless you want to give the writers -- sister-and-brother team Brea Grant (briefly one of the ensemble cast of TV's Heroes) and Zane Austin Grant -- extra marks for employing lesbians in their tale. Otherwise, it's pretty standard stuff, making little use of its Flapper Age setting to add any flair to the proceedings. And supporting characters, from the jealous husband to the bloated employer, are never given enough page time to get to know them or care if they live or die.

Artwork by Kyle Strahm is, well, really bad. I think sometimes he might be striving for a Crumb-like flavor, but I think I might have enjoyed the book more if I could look forward to turning the page.

Online chatter suggests a sequel is on its way. My instinct is to avoid it, but the potential is there to pull this train wreck back onto the tracks. We'll just have to wait and see if Grant and Grant can do it.

review by
Tom Knapp

16 October 2010

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