Zombie Tales
by various writers & artists (Boom!, 2007)

Did you know that zombie outbreaks in the past fizzled because dental hygiene was so poor, it was hard for the poor zombies to bite through a typical peasant's garb sufficiently to spread the disease? Modern dentistry, it turns out, is to blame for the widespread zombie plague that is the subject of several short tales in this collection.

With writers including Mark Waid, Andrew Cosby, Keith Giffen and more, this anthology from Boom! Studios comes in delicious, bite-sized snippets of gore and decay.

Among the best moments are John Rogers' "Daddy Smells Different," an unusual twist on zombie survival told by a 4-year-old boy; "For Pete's Sake" by Johanna Stokes, which focuses on one woman's difficult decision; Waid's unexpectedly demented conclusion to "If You're So Smart...," which proves grades are always a factor; and Cosby's surprisingly touching "I, Zombie."

Zombie Tales is a neat little package of undead delight. Many of the stories will make you chuckle, while others are somber or, occasionally, poignant. I'm pleased to learn a second anthology is already on its way.

review by
Tom Knapp

25 October 2008

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