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Rambles.NET is pleased to feature podcast interviews by Jason Mundok from his Around the Wood Stove series. Look for the Wood Stove logo () to find his podcasts. Give 'em a listen!

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Learn a lot about Irish music from Ceol, the Traditional Irish Music Center in Dublin, Ireland.


The music speaks for itself. But isn't it great to get behind the performer's facade once in a while and meet the human being who makes the music? Here's what some of them had to say.



Jenn Adams: anthropology into her music

Chloe Agnew: falling into Celtic Woman

Akvarium: a musical revolution

Dana Alexandra: infectiously pop

Albert Alfonso: bodhran swami

Brooke Annibale: being quiet

Anonymous 4: the fine art of women's ancient music

James Apollo: good grief

Asphalt Orchestra (Jessica Schmitz): street assault


Baka Beyond: music worth eating caterpillars for

Jesse Baker: creating movement with his music

Scott Balsai: taking a hike

Baltimore Consort (Mary Anne Ballard): ancient pop

Barnaby Bright: finding Bliss

Michael Been: heeding The Call

Beggar Folk:
a band born of ping-pong smack talk
getting good angles

Beolach: not a mountie

The Berrymans: surrealism meets silliness

Mary Black: for the joy of music

Sarah Blacker
flexible modality
land of opportunity

Blazin' Fiddles: a rose among thorns

Adam Blessing: a hard-working balancing act

The Blind Boys of Alabama (Jimmy Carter): gospel is alive

Rory Block: singing her country blues

Christopher Bohn: living the creative life

Brethren: fun with con-science

Bright Blue Gorilla: gorillas in the mix

Broken Fences
mend the gap
not the begging type

Brother: siblings in arms

Burning Bridget Cleary (Rose Baldino): fiddling witchery

Burning Bus: guilt-free funk

Corty Byron: out the window


Derrick Cameron: spreading tradition

Fil Campbell
working for a living
celebrating the women who came before

Stephanie Carlin: a deeper look at structure

Liz Carroll: fiddles, kids & the Cubs

Travis Caudle: on the road again

Celtic Woman (Chloe Agnew): falling into Celtic Woman

Cherish the Ladies
the jig is up
riding the Celtic wave

Chubby Checker: twistin' his life away

Circle of Fourths: bearing music

Clairseach: something to harp on

The Clancy Brothers: keeping the faith

Mychal Cohen & Campfire Ok: asking the world for direction

Oliver Craven: pickin' for fun

A Crowd of Bold Sharemen
on the Newfoundland fringe
a Newfoundland identity

Chrissy Crowley: music philosophy


Danu: doing his best

Rachel Davis
catch her while she's young
developing her Cape Breton style

Tove de Fries: a Danish treat

Iris DeMent: aching, longing & celebrating

Mark DeRose & the Way Home: consistent schizophrenia

Dervish: music for fun & profit

Donna-Marie DeWolfe: making a happy tune

Diner: just a good-time band

Dochas: anti-pop Scottish girl power

Maggie Drennon: nontraditional Irish traditions

Ducky & the Vintage: the art & the music

Dustbowl Revival (Zach Lupetin): playing in the shadows


Stacey Earle & Mark Stuart: situations where people would listen

Enter the Haggis: spreading bagpipe rock to the masses


Fine Friday: gigging in Gaelic

Fire in the Glen: lighting the flame

Fishtank Ensemble: leaving the mule caravan behind

Joella Foulds
Otis Tomas's fiddle tree
Team Cape Breton

Julie Fowlis: staying true to her Hebridean roots

Kimberley Fraser: a left-handed approach to tradition

The Frogs: proudly "happy fun"

Frozen Poet: unusual perspectives


Gaelic Storm
surviving Titanic
setting new courses

Dick Gaughan: debunking Scottish claptrap

David Gettes: man of steel

Gwenan Gibbard: Welsh ambassador

GiveWay: but don't give up

Glengarry Bhoys: planning ahead

Katy Glorioso: trying her hand

Great Big Sea: making a career of Newfoundland pride

Alyson Greenfield: striking tinder

Grey Eye Glances: buying back their music, note by note

Guess Who: still pitching


Harem Scarem
not pop on purpose
gigging in Gaelic

JP Harris & the Tough Choices: just country

Dan Hart: never in Billboard

Caleb Hawley: overcoming his inner jazz snob

Martin Hayes: tradition through innovation

 Carolyn Hester: & the Fortress of Folk

Ann Heymann: something to harp on

Anne Hills: singer finds a voice for her dreams

Barby Holder: a period player

Hope for Agoldensummer: sex, babies & poverty

Dani Hoy: rockin' the trop

Dermot Hyde: a piper in the Pipeline


Joy Ike: two steps forward

Indian Summer Jars
too original for Sarah Squared
"Don't watch her foot!"
holding on to feeling good

Indigo Girls: art & activism

Eileen Ivers
beyond space to fiddle
keeping the tradition alive


Cathy Jordan: music for fun & profit

Shannon Johnson: fiddling around with tradition


Lucy Kaplansky: unzipped

Ryan Kauffman: playing what he feels

Nuala Kennedy: gigging in Gaelic

Kilmaine Saints
punky Irish madness
building an army

KimberLiana: catching butterflies

plugging in
bleeding hearts

Jennifer Knapp: from contemporary Christian to Americana

Habib Koite: making a musical life

Camela Widad Kraemer: staging her songs

Heather Kropf
recognizing Hestia
something shiny


Donnell Leahy & Natalie MacMaster: making music at home & away

Dave Lefever: almost like a dream

Lenahan: more than just Celtic rock

Caryn Lin: Vivaldi meets Pink Floyd through electric fiddler

Jenn Lindsay: Woman at work

Via Linota: defining the "newternative" sound


Anita MacDonald: a fiddle from Santa

Catriona MacDonald: a rose among thorns

Max MacDonald & Joella Foulds: Team Cape Breton

Kendra MacGillivray: fiddling like nobody's business

Sabra MacGillivray: dancing Cape Breton-style

Troy MacGillivray: a piano teacher's dream

Burton MacIntyre: dancing Cape Breton-style

Wendy MacIsaac: not a Mountie

Iain MacKintosh: with a banjo on his knee

Cynthia MacLeod: borrowing music from the neighbors

Natalie MacMaster
a fiddler who keeps on her toes
fiddler, producer, wife & chef
making music at home & away

Glen MacNeil: writing for a distant home

Joanie Madden
the jig is up
riding the Celtic wave

Michelle Malone: musical therapy and goats

Mandalele: crossing state lines

Matchbox 20: fame on the road

Iain Matthews: finding comfort in southern folk-rock

Peter Mayer: mysteries of the world

Sarah Mbogo: singing her gift

Rhyne McCormick: hard-working the region

The McDades
fiddling around with tradition
just who are they, anyway?

Manus McGuire: an Irishman in Cape Breton

Maggie McKaig: ancestral connections

Tony McManus: reinventing the guitar

Mike McMonagle: a hopeful turn

Shannon McNally: no time for whining

Darry Miller & The Veil
personal transformation
fresh soul

Misstallica (Gina Gleason): Metallica, with lady bits

Buddy Mondlock: rocky road to Kerrville

More Power to Your Elbow: giving all they got

Annie Moses Band (Annie Wolaver Dupre): family is instrumental

Motherphunk: sort of familiar

Tudur Morgan: Wales songs

Gary Mullen: a Queen at heart

Patricia Murray: an eye on PEI


Nassiri: world peace through music

The Nields: putting a harder edge to their music


Fergus O'Byrne: on the Newfoundland fringe

Maura O'Connell: a singer in retirement

Robbie O'Connell: keeping the faith

Out the Sun: hating labels

Judith Owen: eccentric Welsh singer


Jim Payne: a Newfoundland identity

Eddie Pennington: fingers 'n' thumbs

The Pig Merchants: weight with levity

Emily Pinkerton: weaving the Americas

Pipeline: a piper in the Pipeline

Brendan Power: power to the harmonica

The Proclaimers: walking another 500 miles

The Pyrates Royale: acts of musical piracy


Amy Ray: art & activism

Red Molly: poised for the leap

Bill Reid: bringing the music together

John Renbourn: wants applause for his music, not himself

Hiram Ring
breathing deeply
crossover appeal

Ben Rothermel: personal raw emotion


Tommy Sands: peace through music

Pauline Scanlon: rising Irish star

Scantily Plaid: Celtic music, Canadian style

Douglas September: ambient textures

Seven Nations
rockin' pipes
a fiddle in the mix

78 West: not a trend

Richard Shindell: somewhere near stardom

Silver Hawks: flashback or revelation

Slackwater News: more rock, less ramble

Slambovian Circus of Dreams (Joziah Longo): catching up with eccentricities

Smothers Brothers: the power of Yo

Jessica Smucker: cooking it raw

Squash: a crossover breed

Start Making Sense (Jon Braun): yearning to Byrne

Static Trees: growing prolific

Dietrich Strause: poetic perspective

Stray Birds: pushed into harmony

Joseph Strider: where he's supposed to be


Tannahill Weavers: remaking traditions

Tarras: caught in a whirlwind

Tartan Terrors: the evil twin of Riverdance

Norberto Tavares: journey of the Badiu

Tempest: turning over a new Lief

They Might Be Giants: nerdy by nature

Toy Soldiers: telling the tale

Trinidad North Steel Band (David Gettes): man of steel


Vas: listening for the soul echo

Le Vent du Nord
the French-Celtic connection
a French-Canadian storm

Vinegar Creek Constituency: explosions in a junkyard


Taylor Ware: fair yodeling

Kevin Welch: keeps on writing songs

Amanda Wells: destined from birth

Susan Werner: from opera to folk

Matt Wheeler: fostering a community

The Wiggles (Greg Page): A little Wiggle room

Jason Wilber: time away from Prine

Bet Williams: beatnik punch

Dar Williams: in a Green World

Huw Williams: hoofing it, Welsh style

Paul Winter
turning nature into music
Celtic soundscapes

The Winter Sounds: gone with the wind

Denison Witmer: building spaces through song

Wolfstone: a carving on the rock

Wooden Soul: bustin' butts


Emily Yanek: forever young

Weird Al Yankovic: no Amish expert


Charlie Zahm: never a rock star