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Celtic Colours is an international music festival held each October in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. The week-long festival spotlights the best in Maritimes music as well as featured performers from Scotland, Ireland and other parts of the Celtic world in a series of concerts hosted in towns and cities around the island.

Here is a sampling of the musical events and performances featured at Celtic Colours over the years, as well as interviews with some of the artists involved.

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Celtic Colours 2013

Tee & Tunes: Wagmatcook (12 October 2013)
• Dry Bones, Matt MacIsaac, Mac Morin, Mairi Rankin, The Teetotallers

Whycocomagh Gathering: Whycocomagh (13 October 2013)
• Kimberley Fraser, Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard Band, Darol Anger & Natalie Haas & Brittany Haas, Peter Uhrband

A Touch of the Irish: Lower River Inhabitants (15 October 2013)
• Liz Carroll, John Doyle, Trever Hutchinson, Sean Og Graham, Mary Jane Lamond, Wendy MacIsaac, Snowflake Trio

String Crossings: Mabou (16 October 2013)
• Darol Anger, Kimberley Fraser, Jamie Gatti, Brittany Haas, Natalie Haas, Harald Haugaard, Kevin Henderson, Kyle MacNeil, Kirstine Elise Pedersen, Nordic Fiddlers Bloc

 The Hills are Alive: Ingonish (17 October 2013)
• Coig, Nuala Kennedy, The Snowflake Trio, Vasen

Festival Club

Oct. 6
Oct. 7
Oct. 8
Oct. 9
Oct. 11

Green Room Interviews

Chrissy Crowley
Rachel Davis
Donna-Marie DeWolfe
Anita MacDonald

Crafts &
Visual Arts

Baddeck Art Club

Baddeck Fibre Festival

Celtic Knot Quilting

Milling Frolic

Weaving Demonstration

Celtic Colours 2012

Kelly's Dream: Boularderie East (6 October 2012)
• Andrea Beaton, The Dardanelles, Kimberley Fraser, Troy MacGillivray, Lewis MacKinnon

Whycocomagh Gathering: Whycocomagh (7 October 2012)
• The Dardanelles, John Doyle, Fiddlers' Bid, Howie MacDonald & Allan Dewar, Bruce Molsky

Roarin' Roots: Membertou (8 October 2012)
• Beaton Sisters, The Dardanelles, Orialla, April Verch

Songs of Sea & Shore: North Sydney (8 October 2012)
• Cape Breton Chorale, J.P. Cormier, John Doyle, Kathleen MacInnes, Cyril MacPhee, Carmel Mikol, Bruce Molsky, Norah Rendell

Songs of Work & Protest: Sydney River (9 October 2012)
• Ben Furey, Colin Grant, Albert Lionais, Carolyn Lionais, Ian MacDougall, Breagh Mackinnon, Men of the Deeps, Shane O'Handley, Victor Tomiczek

The Fiddletree Two: Sydney (10 October 2012)
• Laoise Kelly, Claudine Langille, Paul MacDonald, Sarah McFadyen, Abby Newton, Joel Sanderson, Otis Tomas

Island Neighbours: Sydney River (11 October 2012)
• Hilda Chiasson-Cormier, Dwayne Cote, Monica & Seamus MacNeil, Vishten

Island Women: Glace Bay (12 October 2012)
• Laoise Kelly, Nuala Kennedy, Mary Jane Lamond, Sylvia LeLievre, Kathleen MacInnes, Wendy MacIsaac, Rita MacNeil, Cathy Ann MacPhee, Madison Violet, The Once, Seph Peters

A Tale of Four Islands: Inverness (12 October 2012)
• Battlefield Band, Kinnon & Andrea Beaton, Kevin Dugas, Fionia String Band, Daniel Lapp

Festival Club

Opening Night

Day 2

Day 3
(Pepeto Pinto)

Day 4
(Sabra MacGillivray)

Day 5

Celtic Colours 2011

A Taste of the Festival: Sydney (8 October 2011)
• BeauSoleil Quartet, the Black Family, Blazin' Fiddles, Ronald Bourgeois, Hilda Chaisson-Cormier, Dwayne Cote

Collectively Celtic: Sydney Mines (10 October 2011)
• Isobel Crowe, Tim Edey Collective, Archie Fisher, Mary Jane Lamond, Wendy MacIsaac

Piano Summit: Sydney River (11 October 2011)
• Kimberley Fraser, Troy MacGillivray, Dougie MacPhee, Barbara MacDonald Magone, Mac Morin, Nathaniel Smith, Cheryl Smith, Andy Thorburn, Louis-Charles Vigneau

Louisbourg Crossroads: Louisbourg (12 October 2011)
• Isobel Crowe, Tim Edey Collective, Kimberley Fraser, Peter Gazey, Sabra MacGillivray, Troy MacGillivray, Louis-Charles Vigneau, Les Zorvenants

My Old True Love: The Songs that Bind: Baddeck (13 October 2011)
• Sheila Kay Adams, Bruce Molsky, Karine Polwart, Emily Smith

Festival Club

Opening Night

Day 2

Day 3

Celtic Colours 2010

Home is Where the Heart Is: Port Hawkesbury (8 October 2010)
• Beolach, Liz Doherty Connection, Bruce Guthro, Dawn & Helen MacDonald, Rita MacNeil, Madison Violet, Men of the Deeps, Seudan, Pellerin Brothers, Chris Stout & Catriona McKay

Tunes Gu Leor: Wagmatcook (9 October 2010)
• Andrea Beaton, Colin Grant, Nuala Kennedy, Troy MacGillivray & Alan Dewar, Chris Stout & Catriona MacKay

Women in Tune: Whycocomagh (10 October 2010)
• Andrea Beaton, Tracey Dares-MacNeil, Liz Doherty Connection, Loaise Kelly, Natalie MacMaster, Naimh Ni Charra, Mollie O'Brien

Brenda Stubbert's Real: Sydney Mines (11 October 2010)
• John Doyle, Kimberley Fraser, Nuala Kennedy, Howie MacDonald, Paul MacDonald, Maire O'Keeffe, Brenda Stubbert

Two Fiddles, Two Pianos Encore: Judique (11 October 2010)
• Alasdair Fraser & Natalie Haas, Natalie MacMaster & Donnell Leahy, Mac Morin & Erin Leahy

Close to the Floor: Mabou (12 October 2010)
• Stephanie Aucoin & Sylvie Doucet, Kinnon Beaton & Betty Beaton, Seudan, Dawn & Margie Beaton, Douglas Cameron & Maxim Cormier, Melody Cameron, Maureen Fraser, Mabou Dancers, Pellerin Brothers

Piano Summit: Sydney River (12 October 2010)
• Tracey Dares-MacNeil, Erin Leahy, Troy MacGillivray, Maybelle Chisolm McQueen, Mac Morin, Jason Roach


Otis Tomas's fiddle tree

Festival Club

Opening Night

Pierre Schryer
& Quinn Bachand

Celtic Colours 2009

Island to Island: The Cape Breton-Ireland Musical Bridge: Port Hawkesbury (9 October 2009)
• Harvey Beaton, The Begleys, Hilda Chiasson-Cormier, Dwayne Cote, Tracey Dares, Domhnallach, Fidil, Lyndsey Fitzgerald, Goiridh, Laoise Kelly, Manus Lunny, Howie MacDonald, Paul MacDonald, Jamie MacInnis, Dave MacIsaac, Carl MacKenzie, Paul K. MacNeil, Martin McGinley, Maighread & Triona N'Dhomhnaill, Mairead N'Mhaonaigh, Maire O'Keeffe, Liam O'Maonla, Seosamh O'Neachtain, Micheal O'Suilleabhain, Brenda Stubbert

From Coast to Coast: Wagmatcook (10 October 2009)
• Qristina & Quinn Bachand, Fidil, Ashley MacIsaac, Sierra Noble

Sandy MacIntyre's Trip to Toronto: Inverness (10 October 2009)
• Dawn Beaton, Margie Beaton, Tracey Dares, Kimberly Fraser, Jeffery Gosse, Colin Grant, Sandy MacIntyre, Steeped in Tradition

Tunes for the Mira: Marion Bridge (11 October 2009)
• Mairi Campbell, Sabra MacGillivray, Abby Newton & Kim Robertson, Mairead Ni Mhaonaigh & Manus Lunny, Troy MacGillivray & Shane Cook

Festival Club spotlights

J.P. Cormier

Ashley MacIsaac

Green Room interviews

Manus McGuire

Celtic Colours 2008

Common Ground: Carlos Nunez' Celtic Journey: Port Hawkesbury (10 October 2008)
• Blue Engine String Quartet, J.P. Cormier, Annie Ebrel, Gaiteros de La Habana, Corrina Hewat, Jerry Holland, Sabra MacGillivray, Carlos Nunez

Ceilidh at the Big Fiddle: Sydney (11 October 2008)
• Beolach, Brock McGuire, Gaiteros de La Habana, Genticorm, Grace, Hewat & Polwart, Jerry Holland, Mairi Smith

Legendary Celts: Whycocomagh (12 October 2008)
• Joey Beaton, Archie Fisher, Aongus Grant, Burton MacIntyre, Theresa MacLellan, Doug MacPhee, Mairi Smith

Bho Linn gu Linn: Generations: Judique (13 October 2008)
• The Beatons, The Dewars, Aongus & Angus Grant, Seonaidh Beag MacMillan & Calum Alex MacMillan

Ceilidh anns a'Bhraigh: Ceilidh in the Glen: Glendale (15 October 2008)
• Brian Doyle, Ashley MacIsaac, Dave MacIsaac, Calum Alex MacMillan, Seonaidh Beag MacMillan, Brandi McCarthy, Colin Watson

Cutting Edge: Inverness (17 October 2008)
• Gillian Boucher, Haugaard & Hoirup, Mary Jane Lamond, Angus Lyon, Ashley MacIsaac, Liam O'Maonlai

Salute to the Cape Breton Fiddler: Mabou (18 October 2008)
• Andrea Beaton, Betty Beaton, Joey Beaton, Kinnon Beaton, Fr. Francis Cameron, Stan Chapman, Glenn Graham, Frank MacInnis, Ron MacInnis, Sheldon MacInnis, Theresa MacLellan, Doug MacPhee, Eddie Rogers

Festival Club spotlights

Andrea Beaton

Jerry Holland

Buddy MacDonald

Troy MacGillivray

Wendy MacIsaac

The McDades

Patricia Murray/Tuig

Green Room interviews

Albert Alfonso

Rachel Davis

Gwenan Gibbard

The McDades

Huw Williams

Celtic Colours 2007

The Chieftains: the Cape Breton Connection: Port Hawkesbury (5 October 2007)
• The Chieftains, Patrick Gillis, Mary Jane Lamond, Fiona & Ciaran MacGillivrays, Ashley MacIsaac, Wendy MacIsaac, Triona Marshall

Kinfolk: Inverness (6 October 2007)
• Gabrielle MacLellan & Tom Daniels, Ciaran & Fiona MacGillivray, Kendra, Sabra & Troy MacGillivray, The MacKenzies

Mawita'mk: Getting Together: Wagmatcook (6 October 2007)
• J.P Cormier, Sierra Noble, Shooglenifty

Girl Power: Marion Bridge (7 October 2007)
• Karan Casey, Tracey Dares, Kimberley Fraser, Liz Knowles, Mary Jane Lamond, Wendy MacIsaac, Brenda Stubbert

Pipers' Ceilidh: St. Ann's (7 October 2007)
• Glenn Coolen, Tracey Dares, Jamie MacInnis, Calum Alex MacMillan, Paul K. MacNeil

Seinn nam Fonn: Singing the Tunes: North River (8 October 2007)
• Michael Black, Gwenan Gibbard, Rocky Shore, Otis Tomas, Catriona Watt

Bell Series: Songs of the Scots: Baddeck (8 October 2007)
• The Sangsters

Wendy's World: Judique (8 October 2007)
• Tracey Dares, Jackie Dunn-MacIsaac, Patrick Gillis, Glenn Graham, Willie Kennedy, Mary Jane Lamond, Ashley MacIsaac, Wendy MacIsaac, Ryan J. MacNeil, Mairi Rankin, Stephanie Wills

Louisbourg Crossroads: Louisbourg (10 October 2007)
• Tracey Dares, David Francey, Kimberley Fraser, Vishten

The New Tunemakers: Mabou (10 October 2007)
• Andrea Beaton, Kris Drever, Glenn Graham, Colin Grant, Martin Green, Troy MacGillivray, Ryan J. MacNeil, Patricia Murray, Sierra Noble, Aidan O'Rourke

Guitar Summit: Judique (11 October 2007)
• J.P. Cormier, Patrick Gillis, Dave MacIsaac, Eddie Poirier

Barra MacNeils: 20 Years & Counting: Sydney (13 October 2007)
• Barra MacNeils, David Francey, Paddy Moloney

On the side


Festival Club

Celtic Colours 2006

Natalie MacMaster & Friends: Bringing the World Home: Port Hawkesbury (6 October 2006)
• Bela Fleck, Donnell Leahy, Buddy MacMaster, Natalie MacMaster, Carlos Nunez, Hayley Westenra

Pipers' Ceilidh: St. Ann's (8 October 2006)
• Matt MacIsaac, Ryan J. MacNeil, Ellen MacPhee, Carlos Nunez

The Judique Flyers: Judique (9 October 2006)
• Liz Carroll, John Doyle, Ferintosh, Haugaard & Hoirup, Jerry Holland, Buddy MacMaster

Irish Eyes: Ingonish (12 October 2006)
• Michael Black, Kimberley Fraser, Nuala Kennedy, Troy MacGillivray, McGinty

The Original Guitar Summit: Judique (12 October 2006)
• J.P. Cormier, John Doyle, Dave MacIsaac, Scott MacMillan, Gordie Sampson

The Unusual Suspects: Mabou (13 October 2006)
• various performers

The Unusual Suspects Encore: Sydney (14 October 2006)
• Barra MacNeils, Beolach, Corrina Hewat, Nuala Kennedy, David Milligan, Corrine Polwart, Gordie Sampson

Interviews from
the Green Room

Catriona MacDonald
(Blazin' Fiddles)

Nuala Kennedy

Troy MacGillivray

On the side

Baadeck Yarns

Festival Club

Na h-Eilthirich:
The Emigrants

Gaelic Video Series
(10 October 2005)

Red Shoe Pub

Songs & Anecdotes
of Gaelic Scotland

with Margaret Bennett

Celtic Colours 2005

Causeway Crossing: Port Hawkesbury (7 October 2005)
• Blazin' Fiddles, Duncan Chisholm, Phil Cunningham, Marion Dewar, Goirigh Domhnallach, Kris Drever, Bruce Guthro, Jerry Holland, Brian O'hEadhra

Ceilidh at the Big Fiddle: Sydney (7 October 2005)
• Beolach, Mary Jane Lamond, La Swing du Suete, Buddy MacMaster, Doug MacPhee, Cathie Ryan, Kathryn Tickell

The Tune Makers: Inverness (8 October 2005)
• Kinnon & Betty Lou Beaton, Phil Cunningham, Jerry Holland, Dougie MacDonald, Ryan J. MacNeil, Mac Morin, Brenda Stubbert

Whycocomagh Gathering: Whycocomagh (8 October 2005)
• David Francey, Kendra MacGillivray, Sabra MacGillivray, Troy MacGillivray, Le Vent du Nord

Fucadairean Coimheach Rioghail (Fierce Royal Milling Singers): Johnstown (9 October 2005)
• Tracy Dares, Iona Gaelic Singers, Mary Jane Lamond, Rona Lightfoot, Jeff MacDonald, Ian MacDougall, Paul K. MacNeil

Raising the Roof: Boisdale (9 October 2005)
• Joel Chiasson, Liz Doherty, Nuala Kennedy, Howie MacDonald, Dinny McLaughlin, Brian O'hEadra

The Beatons of Mabou: Judique (10 October 2005)
• Allison Beaton, Andrea Beaton, Betty Beaton, Kinnon Beaton, Patrick Gillis, Glenn Graham, Mary Graham, Rodney MacDonald

Songs, Tunes & Stories: Bras d'Or (10 October 2005)
• Joe Derrane, the Boston Edge, David Francey, Kimberley Fraser, Darrell Keigan, Brenda Stubbert

Step Into the Past: Louisbourg (10 October 2005)
• Margaret Bennett, Angus MacDonald, Dave MacIsaac, Carl MacKenzie, Le Vent du Nord

When Coal was King: Sydney (11 October 2005)
• Wally MacAulay, Men of the Deeps, Kathryn Tickell

Celtic Connections: Mabou (12 October 2005)
• Barra MacNeils, Brock Maguire Band, Karen & Helene, Old Blind Dogs

Ceol Na H-Aibhneadh (The Music of the River): A Tribute to Theresa & Marie MacLellan: Glendale (12 October 2005)
• Shelly Campbell, Jackie Dunn-MacIsaac, Jeff MacDonald, Dave MacIsaac, Alex Francis MacKay, Carl MacKenzie, Theresa MacLellan

The Young & the Restless: St. Peter's (12 October 2005)
• All Fired Up, Kimberley Fraser, Colin Grant, Nuala Kennedy, Shona Kipling, Lochaber Students, Troy MacGillivray, Damien O'Kane, Tara Rankin, Adam Young

Guitar Summit: Judique (13 October 2005)
• J.P. Cormier, Brian Doyle, Kris Dreaver, Scott MacMillan, Andrew White

Maiomi (A Gathering): Eskasoni (13 October 2005)
• Joey Beaton, Pat Chafe, Mooney Francis, Carl MacKenzie, Buddy MacMaster, Old Blind Dogs

Celtic Pub: Port Hawkesbury (14 October 2005)
• Beolach, Old Blind Dogs, Jennifer Roland

Max MacDonald
& Joella Foulds:
Team Cape Breton

Interviews from
the Green Room

Nicolas Boulerice,
Benoit Bourque
& Olivier Demers
(Le Vent du Nord)

Benoit Bourque
(Le Vent du Nord)

Julie Fowlis,
Eilidh MacLeod &
Jenna Reid (Dochas)

Fiona Johnson

Sarah McFadyen
& Inge Thomson
(Harem Scarem)

Tony McManus

On the side

Cape Breton Dance:
Burton MacIntyre &
Sabra MacGillivray

Dancing Lights Troupe:
Twelve Celtic Winds

Festival Club

Intermediate & Advanced Cape Breton Fiddle with Buddy MacMaster

Traditional Rug Hooking

Celtic Colours 2004

Opening Gala: Sydney, NS (8 October 2004)
• Bachue, Barra MacNeils, Forester School of Dance, Gaelic College Pipe Band, Haugaard & Hoirup, Jeff MacDonald, Dougie MacLean, Gordie Sampson

Acadien Saturday Night: Petit-de-Grat (9 October 2004)
• Brent Aucoin & Robert Deveaux, Samantha Robichaud, Le Vent du Nord

Whycocomagh Gathering: Whycocomagh (9 October 2004)
• Kimberley Fraser, Haugaard & Hoirup, Dougie MacLean

Cape Breton Fiddlers: St. Ann's (10 October 2004)
• The Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association

Celtic Women: Port Hawkesbury (10 October 2004)
• Winnie & Pat Chafe, Dochas, Corrina Hewat, Rona Lightfoot, Rita MacNeil, Anna Massie

Passing the Bow: Judique (11 October 2004)
• Andrea Beaton, Betty Lou Beaton, Kinnon Beaton, Beolach, Marion Dewar, Isaac Fraser, Robbie Fraser, Jerry Holland, Buddy MacMaster

Songs of the Exiles: Albert Bridge, NS (11 October 2004)
• Dochas, Jeff MacDonald, Mira Gaelic Choir, Christine Primrose & Brian O'hEadhra

Wind on the Water: Bras d'Or (11 October 2004)
• Buddy MacDonald, Anna Massie & Troy MacGillivray, Le Vent du Nord

Bards & Ballads: Wagmatcook (12 October 2004)
• David Francey, James Keelaghan, Dougie MacLean, Rita MacNeil, Gordie Sampson

Pianos du Jour: Glace Bay (12 October 2004)
• Tracey Dares, Kimberley Fraser, Ryan MacNeil, Troy MacGillivray, David Milligan, Mac Morin

Winston's Home: Dingwall (13 October 2004)
• Allie Bennett, Hilda Chiasson, JP Cormier, Howie MacDonald, Sandy MacIntyre, Dougie MacPhee

Guitar Summit: Judique (14 October 2004)
• J.P. Cormier, Gordie Sampson, Anna Massie, Bruce Molsky, Tony McManus

The Hills are Alive: Ingonish (14 October 2004)
• James Keelaghan, Daniel Lapp, Buddy MacDonald

The Next Generation: St. Ann's (16 October 2004)
• Neria Gourlaouen Alonso, Give Way, Kolten MacDonnell, Matthew MacLennan, Samantha Robichaud, Hannah Stockley

The World's Biggest Square Dance: Baddeck (17 October 2004)
• Burton MacIntyre, numerous musicians

Festival Club &
General Overview

The Celtic Music
Interpretive Centre

Interviews from
the Green Room

Kimberley Fraser

Dermot Hyde

Shannon Johnson
(The McDades)

Wendy MacIsaac

Cynthia MacLeod

Patricia Murray

Jim Payne (A
Crowd of Bold Sharemen)

Tommy Sands

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of the music of
the Maritimes!

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Celtic Colours 2003

Whycocomagh Gathering: Whycocomagh (11 October 2003)
• A Crowd of Bold Sharemen, John Ferguson, Buddy MacDonald, Carlos Nunez

Home I'll Be: Big Pond (11 October 2003)
• Tracey Dares-MacNeil, Lunasa, Howie MacDonald, Gordie Sampson

Celtic Women: Port Hawkesbury (12 October 2003)
• Sian James, Liz & Yvonne Kane, Mairi MacInnes, Natalie MacMaster, Karine Polwart

Pipers' Ceilidh: St. Ann's (12 October 2003)
• Dermot Hyde (Pipeline), Paul MacNeil, Carlos Nunez, Cillian Vallely (Lunasa)

Kelly's Dream: Ross Ferry (13 October 2003)
• Kimberley Fraser, Lunasa, Tim O'Brien with John Doyle

Teacher's Pets: Judique (13 October 2003)
• Kendra MacGillivray, Jackie Dunn MacIsaac, Dave MacIsaac, Wendy MacIsaac, Natalie MacMaster, Mairi Rankin, Stephanie Wills

Bards & Ballads: Wagmatcook (14 October 2003)
• Dave Gunning, Sian James, Tim O'Brien, Karine Polwart, Gordie Sampson, Tommy Sands

Close to the Floor: Mabou (14 October 2003)
• Joel Chaisson, Kevin Dugas, Brenda Stubbert, Triskele

The Homecoming: Cheticamp (14 October 2003)
• Beolach, Dirk Powell, Christine Balfa & Courtney Granger, La Swing du Suete

The Hills are Alive: Ingonish (15 October 2003)
• Bohola, Brenda Stubbert, Tommy Sands, Stephanie Wills

Guitar Summit: Judique (16 October 2003)
• J.P. Cormier, John Doyle, Dave MacIsaac, Scott MacMillan, Anna Massie

Heavenly Voices: Whitney Pier (16 October 2003)
• Bachue, Ferintosh, Men of the Deeps

Islanders All: Prime Brook (17 October 2003)
• John Ferguson, Flook, Buddy MacDonald, Cynthia MacLeod

Kitchen Racket: Sydney Mines (17 October 2003)
• Bohola, Anna Massie, Jennifer Roland

Celtic Pops Encore: Mabou (18 October 2003)
• Cape Breton Chamber Orchestra, Joey Beaton, J.P. Cormier, Dave MacIsaac, Buddy MacMaster, Scott Macmillan

The Next Generation: St. Ann's (18 October 2003)
• Cape Breton Fiddlers' Association, Rankin MacInnes, Krista MacKinnon, McCarrel Sisters, Plockton School Group

Interviews from
the Green Room

Tove de Fries

Kendra MacGillivray

Fergus O'Byrne (A
Crowd of Bold Sharemen)

Pauline Scanlon

On the side

Embassy Ceilidh
(14 October 2002)

Festival Club
(all week)

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Celtic Colours 2002

Whycocomagh Gathering, Whycocomagh (12 October 2002)
• Beolach, Sharon Shannon, Triskele

Fiddle Heaven, North River (13 October 2002)
• Liz Carroll, Tove de Fries, Kyle MacNeil

Only a Woman's Heart, Port Hawkesbury (13 October 2002)
• Mary Jane Lamond, Eleanor McEvoy, Raylene Rankin, Shine

Kelly's Dream, Ross Ferry (14 October 2002)
• Liz Carroll, Buddy MacDonald, Sharon Shannon

My Cape Breton Home, Judique (14 October 2002)
• Tove de Fries, Frankie Gavin, Jerry Holland, Daniel Lapp

Bards & Ballads, Wagmatcook (15 October 2002)
• Margaret Bennett, Kris Drever, Lennie Gallant, Buddy MacDonald, Eleanor McEvoy

Close to the Floor, Mabou (15 October 2002)
• Andrea Beaton, Cucanandy

Strings & Things, Wagmatcook (16 October 2002)
• Alison Brown Quartet, J.P. Cormier, Cowboy Celtic, Eammon Coyne

Tribute to Bill Lamey, Glendale (16 October 2002)
• Doug Lamey, Mary Jane Lamond, the MacLellan Trio

Pickin' & Grinnin', Judique (17 October 2002)
• Alison Brown, Ian Carr, Eamonn Coyne, Brian Doyle, Fine Friday

The Washabuck MacLeans, Iona (17 October 2002)
• Carl MacKenzie, John MacLean, Sheumas, Kyle & Stewart MacNeil

Kitchen Racket, Sydney Mines (18 October 2002)
• A Crowd of Bold Sharemen, Kyle, Sheumas & Stewart MacNeil, Northside Session Players

The Next Generation, Mabou (19 October 2002)
• Celtic Crew, Stephanie MacDonald & Margie Beaton, Cynthia MacLeod, Rankin children


Bodhran techniques with Donachadh Gough
(9 October 2001)

Remembering Winston "Scotty" Fitzgerald with Don Brown & Sandy MacIntyre
(11 October 2001)

Fiddle techniques with Jerry Holland
(13 October 2001)

On the side

Festival Club
(all week)

Glencoe Mills Square Dance
(7 October 2001)

Celtic Colours 2001

Gala Opening Concert, Sydney (5 October 2001)
• Phil Cunningham, Mary Jane Lamond, Natalie MacMaster, Tony McManus

Gaelic Roots, Mabou (6 October 2001)
• Beolach, Cliar, Allan MacDonald

Whycocomagh Gathering, Whycocomagh (6 October 2001)
• Phil Cunningham, Howie MacDonald, Brian McNeill

The Hand That Rocks the Bow, Port Hawkesbury (7 October 2001)
• cMc, Liz Doherty, Kendra MacGillivray, Wendy MacIsaac, Mairi Rankin

Gaelic Airs, St. Ann (8 October 2001)
• Boireannaic nan Oran, Mary Jane Lamond, Ishbel MacAskill, Buddy MacDonald, Iain MacDonald, Tony McManus

The French Connection, Cheticamp (9 October 2001)
• Brent AuCoin, Celtitude, Suroit

Songwriters Circle, Baddeck (9 October 2001)
• Archie Fisher, Ron Hynes, Brian McNeill, Gordie Sampson

The Welcome, Wagmatcook (10 October 2001)
• Aoife Clancy, Danu, Eskasoni Fiddlers, Brian McNeill

Winston's Home, Dingwall (11 October 2001)
• Don Brown, Paul Cranford, Jerry Holland, Stanley MacKinnon, Sandy MacIntyre

McGinty's Gathering, Prime Brook (12 October 2001)
• Kimberely Fraser, McGinty, Patricia Murray

Route 19 ... the Concert, Inverness (12 October 2001)
• Aoife Clancy, Haugaard & Hoirup, Howie MacDonald, Ashley MacIsaac

The Next Generation, Mabou (13 October 2001)
• The Cottars, Dalbrae Celtic Crew, the MacDonalds

Sampler CDs are produced each year featuring artists from the festival. You can order some of them from

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Celtic Colours 2000

Fiddlers Heaven, Judique (9 October 2000)
• Blazin' Fiddles, David Greenberg, Buddy MacMaster, Sean McGuire, Brendan Mulvihill

Celtic Pianos, Judique (10 October 2000)
• Joel Chaisson, Maybelle Chisolm-MacQueen, Dougie MacPhee, Heather Richards, Jason Roach

Christmas Island Ceilidh, Christmas Island (10 October 2000)
• Roddy Campbell, Maggie MacInnes, Joe Peter MacLean, Flora MacNeil

Guitar Summit, Judique (12 October 2000)
• J.P. Cormier, Dave MacIsaac, Bob MacLean, Scott Macmillan