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The folk section covers a broad spectrum of mostly American folk (traditional and contemporary), folk-rock, singer-songwriter and indie recordings. Primarily, you can expect to find music which strikes at the heart of the folk tradition, where we spotlight innovative songwriters and performers who've laid the groundwork for the great folk tradition and who help to maintain that tradition today.

You'll find acoustic music here, as well as bands playing traditional music with electric guitars and bands playing new music on traditional instruments. Old-style folk meets rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and other stuff with its roots in folk traditions. Explore this section to find a tasty selection of musical possibilities.

While some people argue that "folk music" is by definition limited solely to traditional pieces, we have been reminded by others that songwriting itself is a proud tradition. If new music isn't being written and performed to expand the dog-eared playbook, those old songs are in danger of becoming hackneyed and worn-out cliches.

For folk music from the Canadian Maritimes, look here.



Terry Radigan
Radigan (2000)

Emerald Rae
If Only I Could Fly (2013)

Joel Rafael Band
Woodyboye: Songs of Woody Guthrie (And Tales Worth Telling), Volume II (2005)

Raffi's Box of Sunshine (2000)
Let's Play! (2002)

Craig Rafuse
Promise Land (2001)

Ragged Union
 Time Captain (2017)

The Rainbow Chorus
Beginnings (2000)

Dave Ramont
Scrawny (2000)

Allen Ramsey
Allen Ramsey (2004)

The Rankin Family
The Rankin Family (1989)
Fare Thee Well Love (1990)
North Country (1993)
Collection (1996)

Jimmy Rankin
Song Dog (2001)
Handmade (2003)

Raylene Rankin
Lambs in Spring (2003)

The Rankins
Uprooted (1999)

Devotion (2000)
Neoprehistoric (2001)

Dale Rasmussen
Raven's Wing (2004)

Joe Rathburn
Rockwells & Picassos (2001)

Susan Raven
Glittering Cities (1999)

Rawlins Cross
Living River (1996)
Make It On Time (1998)

Corin Raymond
Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams (2016)

Ray's Vast Basement
By a River Burning Blue (2003)

The Reach Around Rodeo Clowns
Whip It Out! (1997)

Rebel Voices
A Piece of the Wall (1998)

Reckless Pedestrian
Delirious Cocktail (1996)

Reclaiming & Friends (with Starhawk)
Let It Begin Now (1992)

Redbird (2005)

Leon Redbone
Red to Blue (1987)
No Regrets (1988)
Whistling in the Wind (1994)
Christmas Island (2003)

Red Horse
Red Horse (2010)

Red Molly
The Red Album (2014)

Red Rooster
Dose (2005)

Redshell (2003)

Red Tail Ring
The Heart's Swift Foot (2013)
Fall Away Blues (2016)

Sarah Goslee Reed
It's About Time (2009)

Dan Reeder
Sweetheart (2006)

The Reel & Soul Association
The Reel & Soul Association (2002)

Colin Reid
Tilt (2001)

Harvey Reid
In Person (1997)
Fruit on the Vine (1998)
Guitar Voyages (2000)

Robin Renee
In Progress (2000)

Colleen Rennison
See the Sky About to Rain (2014)

Russ Rentler
Acoustic Minstrel (2004)
Scarecrow's Lament (2006)

Return to the Dream
Return to the Dream (2008)

The Revelers
Play the Swamp Pop Classics: Volume 2 (2016)

The Revels
The Christmas Revels (1998)
The Washington Revels: Behold That Star! An American Song Quilt (2001)

Jessica Rhaye
Jessica Rhaye (2000)

Lisa Richards
Not Quite So Low (1997)

Kim Richey
Glimmer (1999)

Jennifer Richman
Flowers of Gold (2006)

Jonathan Richman
Action Packed: The Best of Jonathan Richman (2002)

Richmond Fontaine
Post to Wire (2003)
The Fitzgerald (2005)

Riders in the Sky
Christmas the Cowboy Way (1999)

Steve Riley & the Mamou Playboys
Happytown (2001)
Bon Reve (2003)

The Steve Riley Band
Miles from Nowhere (2002)

Jason Ring
Patchwork (2007)

Jim Ringer & Mary McCaslin
The Bramble & the Rose (2000)

Jean Ritchie
Dear Jean: Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie (2014)

Jean Ritchie & Paul Clayton
American Folk Tales & Songs (1956/2006)

A.J. Roach
Revelation (2007)

Archie Roach
Charcoal Lane (1990)

The Robber Barons
Kerosene Communion (2006)

Alasdair Roberts & Friends
A Wonder Working Stone (2013)

Hunter Robertson
Songs for the Masses (2007)

Mae Robertson
All Through the Night: Lullabies & Love Songs, with Don Jackson (1995)
The Sun Upon the Lake is Low, with Don Jackson (1997)
Sweet Dreams of Home, with Eric Garrison (1999)
Stone by Stone (2000)
Smile (2002)

Cydney A. Robinson
Spokesman for the Shoeless (2006)

Dana & Susan Robinson
Native Soil (2005)
'Round My Door (2008)
Big Mystery (2009)
American Hornpipe (2012)

Nell Robinson
On the Brooklyn Road (2011)

Marie Roche
Roomfull of Noise (2004)

Rockwell Church
Rockwell Church (1998)

Carrie Rodriguez
Seven Angels on a Bicycle (2006)

The Roe Family Singers
The Earth & All That is In It (2008)
Heaven Send Us Better Times (2013)

Garnet Rogers
Off the Map, with Archie Fisher (1985)

Marti Rogers
Plain & Fancy (2004)

Stan Rogers
Fogarty's Cove (1977)
Turnaround (1978)
From Fresh Water (1984)
One Warm Line: The Legacy of Stan Rogers (1989)
Home in Halifax (1992)
From Coffee House to Concert Hall (1999)
The Very Best of Stan Rogers (2011)

Joe Rohan
These Days (2005)

Pharis & Jason Romero
Back Up & Push (2010)
A Passing Glimpse (2011)
Long Gone Out West Blues (2013)
A Wanderer I'll Stay (2015)

Ruben Romero & Robert Notkoff
Christmas in Santa Fe (1999)

Linda Ronstadt & Ann Savoy
Adieu False Heart (2006)

A.J. Rosales
Resistor (2005)

Al Rose
My First Posthumous Release (2008)

Biff Rose
E-Stir Pa-Raid (2003)

Clarelynn Rose
Elegant Tern (2002)
Meadow Run (2004)

Mya Rose
Breaking Free (2006)

Stacie Rose
This is Mine (2002)
Shadow & Splendor (2005)

Tim Rose
The London Sessions 1978-1998 (2003)

Ivan Rosenberg
Oldies & Old Time (2013)

Phil Rosenthal
This Land Is Your Land: Favorite American Folk Songs (1999)
Folksongs & Bluegrass for Children (2000)
A Folk Song Christmas (2001)
Folk Song Lullabies (2001)

Don Ross
Robot Monster (2003)

Joe Ross & Friends
The Crazy Zoo: An Animal Songfest (2000)

Chris Rosser
Hidden Everywhere (2006)

Justin Roth
Shine (2003)

Adam Michael Rothberg
All the Whispering (2001)

David Rovics
Return (2003)

Kev Rowe
Into the Gold (2007)

Sparky & Rhonda Rucker
The Mountains Above & the Valleys Below (2007)
Let Freedom Ring (2012)

Xavier Rudd
Food in the Belly (2007)

Brian Rudy & the Architects
Divided Man (1999)
Museum (2013)

Current Affairs (2014)

Tom Rush
What I Know (2009)
Celebrates 50 Years of Music (2013)

Tom Russell
Borderland (2001)
Modern Art (2003)
Play One More: The Songs of Ian & Sylvia (2017)

The Rusticators
The Rusticators (2002)
Talking with the Dead (2004)

Duane Rutter
Waiting Room (2007)

Bob Ryan
The Spirit of Andy Devine (2007)

Rich Ryan & Kat Del Rio
Sol Feather (1993)


Janet Saadian
Weather the Storm (2001)

Sabrina & Craig
One Home ... One Heart (2010)
Green (2015)

Mando Saenz
Watertown (2004)

Rachael Sage
Ballads & Burlesque (2004)

Buffy Sainte-Marie
Running for the Drum (2009)

Salamander Crossing
Bottleneck Dreams (1998)

The Salt Miners
Dressed for Excess (2006)

Les Sampou
Les Sampou (1999)

Gordie Sampson
Stones (1998)
Sunburn (2004)

Lisa Sandell
Little Reason (2003)

Ben Sands
Take Your Time (1993)
Roots & Branches (1998)
Better Already (2003)
Take My Love With You (2010)
"Live" in Berlin (2015)

Colum Sands
All My Winding Journeys (1996)
The Note That Lingers On (2003)

The Sands Family
Keep on Singing (2008)

Tommy Sands
To Shorten the Winter: An Irish Christmas (2001)
Let the Circle be Wide (2009)

Laura Satterfield
Walela, with Rita & Priscilla Coolidge (1997)
Dirty Velvet Lie (2000)

Dudley Saunders
The Emergency Lane (2007)

Tom Savage
Brand of Sympathy (2001)
Never Shed No Tears (2006)

Norman Savitt
Norman Savitt & Friends (2009)

Karen Savoca
Here We Go (1999)

Tanya Savory
Where We Live (2002)

Garrett Sawyer
Anthem (2001)

Deirdre Scanlan
Faces (2008)

Scarlett, Washington & Whiteley
Sitting on a Rainbow (2003)

Andy Scheinman
Make Amends (1999)

Claudia Schmidt
Bend in the River: Collected Songs (2012)
New Whirled Order (2014)

Danny Schmidt
Little Grey Sheep (2008)
Instead the Forest Rose to Sing (2009)
Man of Many Moons (2011)

Bob Schneider
Lonelyland (2000)

Steve Schuch
Trees of Life: Songs of Friendship & the Earth (2002)

Craig Schumacher
New Shoes (2005)

Eric Schwartz
That's How It's Going to Be (1999)
Pleading the First: Songs My Mother Hates (2000)

Gina Scipione
Destino (2002)

The Scoldees
Nightcap World (2003)

Darrell Scott
Theatre of the Unheard (2003)
Modern Hymns (2008)

Mike Scott & Friends
Home Sweet Home (2013)

Shane Scott
Gingerbread House (2004)

Will Scott
Gnawbone (2009)

Zoe Scott
Beautiful to Be Alive (2007)

Sarah Jane Scouten
When the Bloom Falls from the Rose (2017)

The Sea Monkeys
Waiting for the Flood (2001)

Acacia Sears
Dialtones (2007)

John Sebastian
John B. Sebastian (1970/2006)

John Sebastian & David Grisman
Satisfied (2007)

Secondsight (2002)

Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger
Fly Down Little Bird (2011)

Peggy Seeger
Heading for Home (2003)
Classic Scots Ballads, with Ewan MacColl (2005)
Love Call Me Home (2005)
Three Score & Ten (2007)
Bring Me Home (2008)
Fly Down Little Bird, with Mike Seeger (2011)
Live (2012)

Pete Seeger
Precious Friend, with Arlo Guthrie (1990)
Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger (1998)
If I Had a Song: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 2 (2001)
Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3 (2003)
At 89 (2008)
Live in '65 (2009)
Pete Remembers Woody (2012)
The Storm King (2013)

Pete Seeger & Lorre Wyatt
A More Perfect Union (2012)

Talia Segal
Nonprophet (2006)

Sid Selvidge
A Little Bit of Rain (2003)
Live at Otherlands (2005)

Sensible Tom
Acoustic Caravan (2003)

Late Harvest (2002)

The Seventh Triangle
TOWA (2003)

Charlie Sexton & Shannon McNally
Southside Sessions (2006)

Colleen Sexton
Greatest Find (2003)

Jason Shain
Here I Am (2002)
Sooner or Later (2004)

Jon Shain
Army Jacket Winter (2007)

Eleanor Shanley
Eleanor Shanley (2003)
Another Day's Journey, with Ivan Leparr (2004)
El Amor De Mi Vida (The Love of My Life), with Ronnie Drew (2006)

Pamela Wyn Shannon
Nature's Bride (2001)

The Shards
Beggar's Road (2001)

Christopher Shaw
Adirondack Serenade (2000)

Daryl Shawn
In Place (2012)

Rick Shea
Sweet Bernardine (2013)

Rick Shea & the Losin' End
The Town Where I Live (2017)

Lauren Sheehan
Some Old Lonesome Day (2003)

Cosy Sheridan
Live at CedarHouse (2006)

The Shiftless Rounders
Places (2006)

Richard Shindell
Somewhere Near Paterson (2000)
South of Delia (2007)

Tiger's Island (2003)

J. Shogren
American Holly (2008)
Bird Bones & Muscle (2010)

J. Shogren & Shanghai'd
God Bless These Crooked Little Songs (2013)

Keri Shore
Finally (2003)

Show of Hands
Cold Frontier (2001)

Elmo Shropshire
Dr. Elmo Sings the Boos (2005)

Siamese Cousins
2 Chairs, No Waiting (2012)

Jane Siberry
Hush (2000)
City (2001)

Rob Siegel
Voices from the Right Brain: Live at Club Passim (2004)

Arielle Silver
3 Minute Song (1999)
Something Pretty Something True (2006)

Elaine Silver
Faerie Goddess (1997)
Divine Favorites (1999)
AH-Leluia (2004)
Faeries are Gathering (2007)

Silver Belles
Silver Belles (2014)

Jerry Silverman & Wayne Ebersen
Ballads & Songs of the Civil War (1993)

Silver, Wood & Ivory
Christmas with Silver, Wood & Ivory (2001)
Autumn Air (2005)

Liz Simcock
Seven Sisters Road (2001)

Lisa Simpson
Steeping Orion (2001)

Martin Simpson
The Bramble Briar (2001)
Kind Letters (2006)
Prodigal Son (2007)

Shane Simpson
More Electric (2002)

Paula Sinclair & Uncle Tumbleweed
The Good Horse (2007)

Smilin' (2000)

Sisters Euclid
Run Neil Run (2006)

Lee Penn Sky
Prelude to Hindsight (2006)

Sheryl Skye
Ripple (1999)

The Skylighters
The Skylighters (2006)

The Slackers
Close My Eyes (2003)

Vivian Slade
Vivian Slade (1999)

Helen Slater
One of These Days (2003)

Sarah Slean
Universe (1998)
Blue Parade (1999)

Langhorne Slim
When the Sun's Gone Down (2005)

Tannis Slimmon
Oak Lake (2001)

Slocan Ramblers
Coffee Creek (2015)

Judy Small
Never Turning Back (1998)

Mark T. Small
Blacks, Whites & the Blues (2011)

Moira Smiley & VOCO
Blink (2006)

Andrew Smith
Escape Velocity (2005)

Bobby Earl Smith
Turn Row Blues (2005)
Calling Me Calling You (2017)

Christina Smith & Jean Hewson
Like Ducks! (1998)
August Gale (2006)

Christopher Smith
Gravedigger's Boy (2007)

Darden Smith
Sunflower (2002)
Circo (2004)

Debi Smith
More Than Once (1998)
The Soprano (2007)

Doug B. Smith
Diving for Pearls (1998)
A Slight Remove (2002)

Elliott Smith
From a Basement on the Hill (2004)

Erica Smith
Erica Smith (2001)

Gerard Smith
Hamtramck: Heaven (2000)

Hobart Smith
Blue Ridge Legacy (2001)

Hollie Smith
Light from a Distant Shore (1999)

James Coberly Smith
Cocomo (2001)

Kenny & Amanda Smith
Unbound (2016)

Laura Smith
Laura Smith (1989/95)
B'tween the Earth & My Soul (1994)
It's a Personal Thing (1997)
Everything is Moving (2013)

Mindy Smith
One Moment More (2004)
My Holiday (2007)

Chris Smither
Live As I'll Ever Be (2000)
Time Stands Still (2009)

Smithfield Fair
Winds of Time (2004)
Walking Through This World (2006)

Andy Smythe
Love Unspoken (2002)
Last Throes of Summer (2005)

Snakes in Exile
Second Skin (1998)

Bob Snider
Stealin' Home (2002)

The Snow Angels
Holidays in Harmony (2001)

Snyder Family Band
Comin' on Strong (2010)
Stages (2011)
Building Bridges (2013)

Sara Softich
Pipe Dream (2006)

Charlie Sohmer
The Kiss Before the Calm (2000)
Dying to Have a Good Time (2007)

The Sojourners
The Sojourners (2009)
Sing & Never Get Tired (2013)

Shamrock City (2012)

Frank Solivan
Family, Friends & Heroes (2016)

Not Life Threatening (2002)

Lenny Solomon
Armando's Pie (2004)
Maybe Today (2007)
Under My Hat (2014)

Jamie Solow
Riddles (2002)

Naomi Sommers
Flying Through (2002)
Hypnotized (2004)

The Sommers Rosenthal Family Band
Down the Road (2016)

No Bomb is Smart (2004)

John Sonntag
Chasing Stars (2006)

Sons of Maxwell
The Neighbourhood (1998)
Sailors Story (1999)
Among the Living (2001)
Instant Christmas (2001)

Sons of the Never Wrong
One If By Hand (2000)
King Fisher King (2013)

Adam James Sorensen
Midwest (2012)

Rosalie Sorrels
Strangers in Another Country (2008)

The Sorry Muthas
Greatest Hits Vol. 3 (2007)

So's Your Mom
Common Ground (2002)

Experiment on a Flat Plane (2000)

Sour Grapes
Divine Grind (2003)

South Memphis String Band
Home Sweet Home (2009)

Minton Sparks
Middlin' Sisters (2001)
This Dress (2002)
Sin Sick (2005)

The Sparrowses
Lost Love: Songs of Murder & Trouble (2007)

Greg Spatz
Fiddler's Dream (2007)

Amy Speace
Fable (2002)
Songs for Bright Street (2006)

The SpeedBoys
That's What I Like (1981)
Look What Love's Done to Me Now (1983)

Spencer & Rains
The Spotted Pony & Other Tunes from the Midwest Corridor (2016)

Amilia K. Spicer
Seamless (2003)

Spirit of the West
Save This House (1990)
Open Heart Symphony (1996)

Split Tongue Crow
Split Tongue Crow (2010)

Jen Spool
Soul Threads (2006)

Rick Spreitzer
Meanderthal (2003)

Bruce Springsteen
Live in Dublin (2007)

Devon Sproule
Keep Your Silver Shined (2007)

The Spyder Stompers
Cannonball (2013)

Squeezebox Stompers
Squeezebox Stompers (2006)

Garrison Starr
The Sound of You & Me (2006)

The Stationary Willberries
Folk & Blues (2003)

Jennie Stearns
Mourning Dove Songs (2000)

Rafe & Clelia Stefanini
Lady on the Green (2012)

Adam Stemple
3 Solid Blows to the Head (1999)

Mark Stepakoff
There Goes the Neighborhood (2006)

Larry Stephenson Band
Weep Little Willow (2016)

The Stetson Family
O Winding River (2013)

Al Stewart
The First Album (1967)
Love Chronicles (1969)
A Beach Full of Shells (2005)

Buffy Ford Stewart
Same Old Heart (2013)

John Stewart
The Day the River Sang (2006)
Introduction to John Stewart (2006)

If on a Winter's Night (2009)

Stir Fried
Last of the Blue Diamond Miners (2000)

Andy Stochansky
Five Star Motel (2002)

Storyhill (2007)

Strange Rebel Frequency
House of Four & Hearts (2006)

Mike Strasser
Alienation Cafe (2004)

Lindsay Straw
The Fairest Flower of Womankind (2017)

Deja Fou (2004)
Painted Sky (2005)

Billy Strings & Don Julin
Fiddle Tune X (2014)

Terry Strongheart Band
Tears (2001)

Nora Jane Struthers
Nora Jane Struthers (2010)

Andra Suchy
Little Heart (2012)

L'annmoor (2006)

Jim Sulher & Monkey Beat
Bad Juju (2001)
Starvation Box: The Best of Jim Suhler & Monkey Beat (2003)

Saffron Summerfield
The Early Years (2003)
The Stonemason's Dream (2007)

The Sunny Mountain Serenaders
Into Thin Hair (2015)

Derek Swain
Simple Things (1998)

Kristin Sweetland
Root, Heart & Crown (2002)

The Sweet Lowdown
Chasing the Sun (2014)

Sweetwater String Band
River of Rhymes (2014)
 At Night (2017)

Sweet Wednesday
Wherever You Go (2006)

Ember Swift
Disarming (2004)

Swift Years
Three (2004)

Swill & the Swaggerband
The Day After (2004)
Doh, Ray, Me-Me-Me-Me-Me (2006)
Elvis Lives Here (2006)

Swingin' Amiss
Speakeasy (2005)

The Swing States Road Show
Housecleaning (2006)

Kanoka (2013)