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The folk section covers a broad spectrum of mostly American folk (traditional and contemporary), folk-rock, singer-songwriter and indie recordings. Primarily, you can expect to find music which strikes at the heart of the folk tradition, where we spotlight innovative songwriters and performers who've laid the groundwork for the great folk tradition and who help to maintain that tradition today.

You'll find acoustic music here, as well as bands playing traditional music with electric guitars and bands playing new music on traditional instruments. Old-style folk meets rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and other stuff with its roots in folk traditions. Explore this section to find a tasty selection of musical possibilities.

While some people argue that "folk music" is by definition limited solely to traditional pieces, we have been reminded by others that songwriting itself is a proud tradition. If new music isn't being written and performed to expand the dog-eared playbook, those old songs are in danger of becoming hackneyed and worn-out cliches.

For folk music from the Canadian Maritimes, look here.



Dr. J
Black Cloud (2001)
It Really Don't Change Much (2003)

Alan Jabbour, Ken Perlman & Jim Watson
You Can't Beat the Classics (2015)

Back to the Sky (2007)
Skimming Stones (2008)

Shane Jackman
Equilibrium (2000)

Christopher Jak
Applause of the Rain (2003)

Colin James
Fuse (2000)

Gabriel James
In the Hands of Fools (2004)

Hilary James
A Big Surprise, with Simon Mayor (1998)
Bluesy (1999)
Duos, with Simon Mayor (2001)
Laughing with the Moon, with Simon Mayor (2004)
Lullabies with Mandolin, with Simon Mayor (2004)
Children's Favourites, with Simon Mayor (2005)
Burning Sun (2008)
You Don't Know (2015)

Markus James
Head for the Hills (2014)

Jami Lynn
Fall is a Good Time to Die (2015)

Jamison Priest
Dreams I'll Never Know (2006)

Close Up & Real (2002)

Margaret Jane
Mate With Life (2002)

Jane & Gord
The Blue Madonna (2002)

Jed & Lucia
Candles in Daylight (2006)

Sue Jeffers
One Man's Ceiling Is Just Another One's Door (1999)
Welcome Home (2002)

Jefferson & Friends
The Baby & the Bathwater: New Songs for Peace & Justice (2006)

Jeordie & the Mixology Project (2011)
Pixiebeast (2013)

Michael Jerling
Little Movies (2001)

Georgie Jessup
Woman in a Man's Suit (2006)

Jethro Tull
Broadsword & the Beast (1982)
Benefit (2001)
The Jethro Tull Christmas Album (2003)

Eilen Jewell
Letters from Sinners & Strangers (2007)
Sea of Tears (2009)

Jiggernaut (2000)
In Search of More (2001)
Evolution (2004)

Jim et Bertrand
La TÉte en Gigue (1999)

JimJim & the FatBoys
Bottle Up & Go (2001)

John & the Sisters
John & the Sisters (2004)

The John Henrys
Sweet As the Grain (2009)

Evan Johns & the Hillbilly Soul Surfers
Moontan (2001)

"Peerie" Willie Johnson
Willie's World (2007)

Bessie Jones
Put Your Hand on Your Hip (2001)

Dallas Jones
Wherever You Roam (2004)

J.P. Jones
Ashes (1999)
Back to Jerusalem (2000)

Nic Jones
Game Set Match (2006)

Southpaw Jones
One in the Door, One in the Grave (2002)

Stacy Jones
 Love is Everywhere (2017)

Jones & Leva
Vertie's Dream (2000)

Brian Joseph
King of Echo Park (2004)

Ruarri Joseph
Brother (2012)

Paul Joses
Gold in a Muddy River (2002)

Juliana's Pony
Total System Failure (2000)

Junior League Band
Mitchell Williams fo Govena (2008)


Kacy & Clayton
The Day is Past & Gone (2013)

Kathy Kallick
My Mother's Voice (2001)
Reason & Rhyme (2003)

Cindy Kalmenson
Let Me Out Here (1997)

Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald
Calling on Love (1999)
Fool's Paradise (2003)

Judy Kamminga
Visions of Freedom (1998)

Christine Kane
Rain & Mud & Wild & Green (2002)

Kevin Kane
Blind Man (2003)
American Songs (2006)

Kieran Kane
Somewhere Beyond the Roses (2009)

Kieran Kane, Kevin Welch & Fats Kaplin
Lost John Dean (2006)

Lisa Kane
Old Strings & All (1999)

Paul Kaplan
After the Fire (2003)
The Folk Process (2008)

Lucy Kaplansky
Ten Year Night (1999)
The Red Thread (2004)
Over the Hills (2007)
Red Horse (2010)

Deborah Wai Kapohe
I Unwrap You (2002)

Ingrid Karklins
A Darker Passion (1992)

Alex Kash
Florida Heat (2005)

Kaia Kater
Sorrow Bound (2015)
Nine Pin (2016)

Rebecca Katz
Spendin' On Today (2007)

Jorma Kaukonen
Stars in My Crown (2007)
River of Time (2009)
Ain't in No Hurry (2015)

Justine Kay
Dreaming in Colour (2002)

Sandi Kay
8355 (2000)

John-Michael Kaye & Tim Tedrow
self-titled (1997)

Mary Kaye
Spin Your Web (2006)

Arden Kaywin
Quarter Life Crisis (2006)

James Keelaghan
Road (1999)

Alicia Keister
Heartwood (2007)

Susannah Keith
Torchlight (1999)

Pat Kelleher
Songs of the Sea (2005)

Alan Kelly
The Rest of the Country (2000)
Quiet Lives of Consequence (2004)

Lee Kelm
Nightsounds (2002)

Grady Kelneck
Take My Hand (2014)

Bob Kemmis
Okay So... (2001)

Benita Kenn
Roads (2003)

The Kennedys
Evolver (2000)
Stand (2003)
Songs of the Open Road (2006)
Better Dreams (2008)

Enoch Kent
I'm a Workin' Chap (2002)
Songs of Love, Lust & Loathing (2003)

Julie Keough
Blue (2001)

Penny Kerr
Conscious Contact (1997)

Jack Kid
Espresso Ecstasy (2001)

The Killdares
A Place to Stand (2000)
Live (2002)

Ben Bowen King
Sidewalk Saints: Roots Gospel Guitar (2007)

Kaki King
Everybody Loves You (2003)

Linda King & Michael William Harrison
For Kids of All Ages (2006)

Megan King
Pretty Songs (2008)

Kingston Trio
The Final Concert (2007)
The Lost 1967 Album (2007)

Grass Routes (2014)

Larry Kirwan
Kilroy Was Here (2001)

The Kitchen Band
Simply (2000)

Terry Kitchen
Blues for Cain & Abel (1999)
Right Now (2002)
That's How It Used to Be (2004)

Kill Devil Hills (1999)

Jess Klein
Wishes Well Disguised (1998)
Strawberry Lover (2005)
City Garden (2006)
Bound to Love (2009)

Sheri Kling
Let It Unfold (2002)
Passions & Prodigals (2005)

Steve Klingaman
Packwood (2001)
Vanishing Point (2003)

Jennifer Knapp
Set Me Free (2014)
Love Comes Back Around (2017)

Lisa Knapp
Wild & Undaunted (2007)
Hidden Seam (2013)

Mary Knickle
Weave (2006)

Chris Knight
A Pretty Good Guy (2001)
The Jealous Kind (2003)
Enough Rope (2006)
The Trailer Tapes (2007)
Heart of Stone (2008)
Little Victories (2012)

Deanna Knight
Shadow of a Star (2000)

Knights of Mentis
New Pound Coin (2013)

Mark Knopfler
The Ragpicker's Dream (2002)

Dave Knudsen
The Weeping City (2005)

Fred Koller
No Song Left to Sell (2001)

Jordan Kolton
When the Hammer Drops (2003)

Ken Kolodner
Walking Stones: A Celtic Sojourn (1997)
Journey to the Heartland (2005)

Ken & Brad Kolodner
Skipping Rocks (2013)

The Morning After...? (1998)

Joel Kraft
Big Ideas (2006)

Jeff Krebs
Keep an Eye Out (2000)

Marienne Kreitlow
Like Noah's Dove (2014)

Jim Kremens
Spun (2003)

John Kribs
Vibratile (1999)

Kris Kristofferson
Kristofferson (2001)
Third World Warrior & Repossessed (2004)
The Pilgrim: A Celebration of Kris Kristofferson (2006)
This Old Road (2006)

Sonja Kristina
Songs from the Acid Folk (2001)
Cri De Couer (2003)
Mask (2005)
Sonja Kristina (2006)

James Krueger
And Then a Silence Falls (2002)
Fine (2004)
Bluebird in the Snow (2005)

Judy Krueger
Keep the Wisdom (1999)

Kultur Shock
FUCC the I.N.S. (2001)

Emily Kurn
The Doorman (2001)

Jim Kweskin & Geoff Muldaur
Penny's Farm (2016)


Sleepy LaBeef
Rockabilly Blues (2001)

Steve Lacey
Habits of a Lifetime (Better Late Than Never) (1999)

Lackawanna Rail
I Think You Should Know (2006)

Jimmy LaFave
Blue Nightfall (2005)
Cimarron Manifesto (2007)

Peter Lainson
The Wind & the Waves (2003)

Dan Lambert
The Clearing (1997)
Plaids (1998)
Melodies/Improvisations (2000)
The Blue Hand (2001)

Brianna Lane
Radiator (2005)

Penny Lang
Gather Honey (2001)
Stone+Sand+Sea+Sky (2006)

Peter Lang
Dharma Blues (2001)
Guitar (2003)

Tom Langford
Acoustic (2007)

Brett Larson
One of These Roads (2014)

Custer LaRue
The Daemon Lover, with the Baltimore Consort (1993)
Ballads (1999)
Amazing Grace, with the Baltimore Consort (2001)

Grit Laskin
A Few Simple Words (1995)
Earthly Concerns (1998)
Unabashedly Folk (2000)

Roger Lasley
What Cheer Road (2001)
Duck & Let the Wave Go By (2002)
Dinner on the Ground (2002)

Last Train Home
Last Good Kiss (2007)

Late Bloomers
Late Bloomers (1999)
Sneakin' in the Back Door (2003)

Rose Laughlin
House of Memory (2011)

Joni Laurence
With No Apology (2006)

Eileen Laverty
Dancing with Angels (1999)
Ground Beneath My Feet (2006)

Christine Lavin
Future Fossils (1985)
Good Thing He Can't Read My Mind (1988)
Live at the Cactus Cafe (1993)
The Bellevue Years (2000)
Getting In Touch With My Inner Bitch (2000)
I Was in Love with a Difficult Man (2002)
Girl Uninterrupted DVD (2003)
The Runaway Christmas Tree: Favorite Holiday Songs & Bedtime Stories (2003)
Sometimes Mother Really Does Know Best (2004)

John & Michele Law
Estimated Time of Revival (2000)

Eddy Lawrence
Going to Water (2001)
Inside My Secret Pocket (2004)

Shandy Lawson
Devils & Crows (2000)

Jim Layeux
Red Dust (2001)

Great Big World (2007)

Lead Belly
The Legend of Lead Belly (2006)
The Smithsonian Folkways Collection (2015)

Tina Lear
The Road Home (2000)

David Leask
Tightrope of Dreams (2003)

Josh Lederman y Los Diablos
It's a Long & Lonely Time Until the Train Will Bring You Home (2001)
The Town's Old Fair (2004)

Louis Ledford
Adios King (2007)

Rick Lee & Les Daniels
Dr. Daniels & Mr. Lee (1999)

Hail to the Queen (2004)

Lehto & Wright
Ye Mariners All (2000)
The Further Adventures of Darling Cory (2002)
A Game of Chess (2003)

Bonnie Leigh
Bridge of Flowers (2000)

Ute Lemper
But One Day... (2002)

Contrary Motion: Lenahan Plays Acoustic (1998)
Hooligans in Suits: Live in the UK (2000)
Brand New Bag (2002)

Summer Dancing (2002)
Another Life (2007)

Sondre Lerche
Two Way Monologue (2004)

Marilyn Lerner & David Wall
Still Soft Voiced Heart (2001)

John Graham Leslie
The Land, the River, the Sea (2008)

John Lester
So Many Reasons (2007)

Meredith LeVande
Through the Clouds (1999)

The Levins
My Friend Hafiz (2009)
Trust (2015)

Laurie Lewis
Winter's Grace, with Tom Rozum (1999)
Birdsong (2002)
One Evening in May (2013)

Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands
The Hazel & Alice Sessions (2016)

Michelle Lewis
This Time Around (2004)

Life Trip
Chronicles II (2002)
World of Evil (2002)

Gordon Lightfoot
Complete Greatest Hits (2002)
Beautiful: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot (2003)

Weightless (2004)

Colin Linden
From the Water (2009)
Rich in Love (2015)

Arto Lindsay
Invoke (2002)

Jenn Lindsay
Gotta Lotta (2002)
Fired (2003)
Uphill Both Ways (2006)
Perfect Handful (2006)

Lingering Doubts
First & Ruby Street (1999)

Dominique Lise
20 Years (2007)

Little Wings
Magic Wand (2004)

Locust Honey String Band
Never Let Me Cross Your Mind (2014)

Rebecca Loebe
Blink (2017)

Wolf Loescher
Holy Grail (1999)

Breathe (2003)

Alan Lomax
various collections & archive sets

Lonesome Brothers
Swamptown Girl (2001)
Pony Tales (2002)
Fences (2004)
Mono (2006)

Bobby Long
Ode to Thinking (2015)

Kate Long
bigollady (2000)

Kate Long & Robin Kessinger
What We Do (2008)

Hard to Be Human (2000)

Christian Lopez
Down By the Drowning Creek (2004)

Lorraine a' Malena
Mirror Mirror (2005)

Rachel Loshak
Firefly (2000)

Better Day (2004)

Annie Lou
Grandma's Rules for Drinking (2012)
Tried & True (2014)

Heloise Love
Song for the Mira (2005)

Laura Love
Fourteen Days (2000)

Jez Lowe & the Bad Pennies
Tenterhooks (1995)
The Parish Notices (1998)
Live at the Davy Lamp (2000)
Honesty Box (2002)
Doolally (2004)
Tenterhooks (The Art Edition) (2005)

Jez Lowe & Jake Walton
Two a Roue (2001)

"Old Man" Luedecke
Hinterland (2006)
My Hands are on Fire & Other Love Songs (2010)
Tender is the Night (2012)

Cara Luft
Darlingford (2012)

Toupey Luft
A Season with Athena (1999)

Lulu & the Tomcats
All the Cats Were Playin' (2001)

David Lykins
Blurry White Guy (2008)

Claire Lynch
Lovelight (2000)

Yvonne Lyon
Fearless (2005)
A Thousand Questions Why (2007)