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The folk section covers a broad spectrum of mostly American folk (traditional and contemporary), folk-rock, singer-songwriter and indie recordings. Primarily, you can expect to find music which strikes at the heart of the folk tradition, where we spotlight innovative songwriters and performers who've laid the groundwork for the great folk tradition and who help to maintain that tradition today.

You'll find acoustic music here, as well as bands playing traditional music with electric guitars and bands playing new music on traditional instruments. Old-style folk meets rock 'n' roll, rockabilly and other stuff with its roots in folk traditions. Explore this section to find a tasty selection of musical possibilities.

While some people argue that "folk music" is by definition limited solely to traditional pieces, we have been reminded by others that songwriting itself is a proud tradition. If new music isn't being written and performed to expand the dog-eared playbook, those old songs are in danger of becoming hackneyed and worn-out cliches.

For folk music from the Canadian Maritimes, look here.



June Tabor
A Quiet Eye (2000)
Rosa Mundi (2001)
The Definitive Collection (2003)
At the Wood's Heart (2005)
Apples (2007)

Heidi Talbot
In Love & Light (2008)
The Last Star (2010)
Angels Without Wings (2013)

James Talley
Tryin' Like the Devil (1976)

Jeff Talmadge
Secret Anniversaries (1999)
Gravity, Grace & the Moon (2003)
Blissville (2006)

Blankets of Snow (1998)

Greg Tamblyn
Saving the World from Whiny Victim Love Songs (2003)

Tangle Eye
Alan Lomax's Southern Journey Remixed (2004)

Full Throated Abandon (1999)
performance review (2001)
Agnes on the Cowcatcher (2002)
performance review (2003)
Captured Alive (2004)
Dance Like Flames (2006)

Gypsys (1994)

Diane Taraz
Hope! Says the Holly (1999)
Beat of the Heart (2003)

From Spirits & Ghosts: Score for a Dark Christmas (2017)

Erik Douglas Tasa
Medicine Cabinet (2000)
Take Your Clay Eyes to the Well (2003)

Tattletale Saints
How Red is the Blood (2014)

Sara Tavares
Balance (2006)

Alaria Taylor
Unfinished Business (2004)

Chip Taylor
Unglorious Hallelujah (2006)
I'll Carry for You (2016)
Little Brothers (2016)
A Song I Can Live With (2016)

Dulcie Taylor & Friends
Only Worn One Time (2014)
Wind Over Stone (2015)

Hayley Taylor
Waking (2006)

James Taylor
Greatest Hits (1976)

Kate Taylor
Beautiful Road (2002)

Louise Taylor
Written in Red (2000)
performance review (2000)
Velvet Town (2003)

Paul Taylor & Don Spencer
Cooee: Songs & Stories from Down Under (2002)

Sally Taylor
Apt. #6S (2000)

Karen Taylor-Good
How Many Women (2006)

Tim Tedrow & John-Michael Kaye
Tim Tedrow & John-Michael Kaye (1997)

Owen Temple
Mountain Home (2011)

The Tennessee Mafia Jug Band
Lester's Loafin Lounge (2015)

10,000 Maniacs
In My Tribe (1987)
MTV Unplugged (1993)
Twice Told Tales (2015)

Riccardo Tesi
Acqua, Foco e Vento (Water, Fire & Wind), with Maurizio Geri (2002)
Lune, with Banditalia (2005)

Chasing Cloud Shadows (2003)

Chris & Meredith Thompson
Wood & Stone (1999)

Linda Thompson
Versatile Heart (2007)

Randy Thompson
Further On (2008)
Collected (2012)

Paul Thorn
Mission Temple Fireworks Stand (2002)
Are You With Me? (2004)

Richard Thorne
Undercover Overachiever (2000)
Freight Trains & Strange Dreams, with the Teasels (2002)
Amalgam (2004)

Andy Thornton
Sunflower Girl (2005)

Dark Desert Night (2015)
Solitaire (2016)

Tiller's Folly
Buchan Bluegrass (2005)
A River So Wide (2007)

Martha Tilston
Bimbling (2005)
Real: Live at the Union Chapel (2010)
Machines of Love & Grace (2012)

Steve Tilston
Such & Such (2003)
Of Many Hands (2005)
Songs from the Dress Rehearsal (2005)

Dave Tilton
Eau (1999)
The Late Our (2005)

The Tim Malloys
If You Were Walking (1998)
Drunkards, Bastards & Blackguards (2000)

Tin Roof Tango
Tin Roof Tango (2000)

Tiny Tin Lady
Ridiculous Bohemia (2008)

Artie Tobia
The Parade (2001)

Rob Tobias & Friends
Bagel Roots & Water Dogs (1998)
Sparks (2000)

Tom & Lori
Reflections (1998)

Michael Tomlinson
Trace the Sky (1998)

Donnacha Toomey
Reasons (2005)

Tonio K.
Yugoslavia: Love Songs & War Dances from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, Dalmatia, Bosnia, Slovenia, with N.Y.M. Co. (1999)
Live, with 16 Tons of Monkeys (2001)

Too Human
True (2001)

Joseph Topping
Love, Loss & Alcohol (2003)
Take Me Home (2004)

Henoch Townley
Reaching Point (2001)

Jim Tozier
Celtic Guitar (2005)
Solo Guitar (2005)

Sue Trainor
In a Closeup (1992)
Under Tables, Out Back Doors (1999)

Trans-Siberian Orchestra
Christmas Eve & Other Stories (1996)
The Christmas Attic (1998)

Happy Traum
Just for the Love of It (2015)

The Traveling Ones
Meet Me There (2017)

The Traynham Family
Merry Mountain Hoedown (2014)

Mac Traynham & Shay Garriock
Turkey in the Mountain (2009)

Two Thousand Years of Christmas (1996)

The Tea Party (1998)

Greg Trooper
Incident on Willow Street (2013)
Live at the Rock Room (2015)

Walter Trout
Full Circle (2006)

Trout Fishing in America
Family Music Party (1998)
Closer to the Truth (1999)
InFinity (2001)
It's a Puzzle (2003)
My Best Day (2006)

True North
Elsebound (2014)

XXX (2002)

Under the Mediterranean Sky (1999)

Wes Tucker
Tradition (2004)

Wes Tucker & the Skillets
Beauty in the Broken (2006)

Terry Tufts
Walk On (2001)
Two Nights Solo (2002)
The Better Fight (2005)

Gerry Tully
 Things Heard (2018)

KT Tunstall
Eye to the Telescope (2004)

Jeff Tuohy
Breaking Down the Silence (2005)

Sean Turner
Begin Again (2006)

Paddy Tutty
Prairie Druid (1992)
In the Greenwood (1998)
The Roving Jewel (2000)

Peaceful Warriors (2003)

Mary Sue Twohy
Songs to Hang on Stars (2006)

Sean Tyrrell
Cry of a Dreamer (1994)
Belladonna (2002)
Rising Tide (2004)
Man for Galway: The Best of Sean Tyrrell (2004)
Walker of the Snow (2012)

Ian Tyson
Live at Longview (2002)
Songs from the Gravel Road (2005)
The Gift: A Tribute to Ian Tyson (2007)
Yellowhead to Yellowstone & Other Love Stories (2008)
Raven Singer (2012)
All the Good 'Uns, Vol. 2 (2013)
Carnero Vaquero (2015)

Sylvia Tyson
River Road & Other Stories (2000)


Carla Ulbrich
Her Fabulous Debut (1999)
Sick Humor (2004)

Shari Ulrich
The View from Here (1998)

The Uncle Brothers
Monkey's Uncle (2005)

All Things Considered (2004)

The Unseen Guest
Out There (2004)
Check Point (2007)

The Unwanted
Music from the Atlantic Fringe (2009)


Valdy & Gary Fjellgaard
Contenders (2000)
Contenders Two: Still in the Running (2007)

Sal Valentino
Dreamin' Man (2011)

Intimations of Sorrow (2004)

Zoe Vandermeer
If Love Be the Food of Musick (1996)
Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale: Upon a Time (2000)

Mariel Vandersteel
Hickory (2012)

Tim Van Eyken
Stiffs Lovers Holymen Thieves (2006)

Townes Van Zandt
Delta Momma Blues (1994)
Abnormal (1999)
In Pain (2000)
The Best of Townes Van Zandt (2002)

various artists
The Acoustic Folk Box (2002)
Afro-American Folk Music from Tate & Panola Counties, Mississippi (2000)
Ain't No Grave: A Tribute to Traditional & Public Domain Songs (2003)
Alan Lomax: Popular Songbook (2003)
Americana (2007)
American Folk & Blues: The Roots of Americana (2006)
Animal Playground (2007)
Anthology of the Twelve String Guitar (1963/2006)
The Artists from Our Freshman Year: Winona Folk Acoustic Music Concerts (2004)

Bah Humbug (2002)
Ballads & Songs of Tradition (2000)
Beautiful: A Tribute to Gordon Lightfoot (2003)
Before Their Time: Memorial Songs & Music, Vol. I (1999)
Before Their Time: Memorial Songs & Music, Vol. II (2002)
Blues at Kerrville (1999)
Blues Power: Songs of Eric Clapton (1999)
The Bridge: A Tribute to Neil Young (1989)

Cape Breton by Request (2001)
The Celtic Colours Sessions (2012)
Christmas on the Lam & Other Songs from the Season (2016)
Circle of Women (1997)
Classic American Ballads from Smithsonian Folkways (2015)
Classic Banjo from Smithsonian Folkways (2013)
Classic English & Scottish Ballads (2017)
Classic Folk Music from Smithsonian Folkways (2004)
Classic Maritime Music (2004)
Close Kin (2011)
Close Kin: Our Roots Run Deep (2014)
Coaldust Grins (1998)
Cohorts & Collaborators (2017)
The Cowboy Tour (2000)

Daddy-O Daddy! -- Rare Family Songs of Woody Guthrie (2001)
Dear Jean: Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie (2014)
Deep River of Song: Alabama (2001)
Deep River of Song: Big Brazos (2000)
Deep River of Song: Georgia (2001)
Deep River of Song: Virginia & the Piedmont (2000)
Devil Music (2016)
Diamond Mountain Sessions presents... (2004)
Down at the Sea Hotel (2007)

An East Coast Christmas (1999)
East Nashville, Vol. 3: More Music from the Other Side (2009)
Easy to Be Free: The Songs of Rick Nelson (2006)
Ernie: Songs of Ernest Noyes Brookings (2001)

A Family Christmas (2009)
Far, Far From Ypres (2008)
For the Love of the Music: The Club 47 Folk Revival (2013)
40 Years of Stony Plain (2016)
Friends of Fahey Tribute (2006)

The Gift: A Tribute to Ian Tyson (2007)
Give US Your Poor (2007)
God Didn't Choose Sides, Vol. 1 (2013)
Guide Cats for the Blind (2003)

Happy Land: Musical Tributes to Laura Ingalls Wilder (2005)
Hear & Gone in 60 Seconds (2003)
Heartworn Highways DVD (2003)
Heartworn Highways (2006)
Heel & Toe (2005)
Home for Christmas: Voices from the Heartland (2007)
Honor: A Benefit for the Honor the Earth Campaign (1996)

If I Had a Song: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 2 (2001)
I Love: Tom T. Hall's Songs of Fox Hollow (2011)
Imaginational Anthem: Essential Guitar, Vols. 1-3 (2008)
In Aid of the Amazonian People, Volume 1 (1998)
Indiegrrl Compilation CD Vol. 1 (1999)
It's a Team Mint Xmas, Vol. 2 (2004)
It Was on a Market Day: English Traditional Folk Singers (2005)

Just Love: A Tribute to Audrey Auld Mezera (2016)
Legends of Old-Time Music (2015)
Live at the Oak Center General Store/Folk Forum, Vol. 1 (2003)
Live at the Talbot (2004)
Live in Hope: The Wildlife Album 2 (2006)
Long Gone: Utah Remembers Bruce "Utah" Phillips (2011)

Main Stage Live: Falcon Ridge Folk Festival (1999)
Making Music Matter (2006)
Many a Good Horseman (2009)
The Merriest Christmas Album (2005)
Missing Persians File: Guide Cats for the Blind, Vol. 2 (2005)
Modern Day Troubadours (2004)
Music City Roots: Live from the Loveless Cafe (2012)

Negro Work Songs & Calls (1999)
A Nod to Bob 2: An Artists' Tribute to Bob Dylan on His 70th Birthday (2011)
No Pasaran (2012)
North American Traditions: The Art of Traditional Fiddle (2000)
A Northern Christmas (1996)
Northern Stars: A Canadian Singers & Songwriters Collection (2007)

Orbitones, Spoon Harps & Bellowphones: Experimental Musical Instruments (2000)
Ozark Folksongs (2001)

ParkinSong, Vol. 1: 38 Songs of Hope (2004)
Pa's Fiddle (2012)
People on the Highway: A Bert Jansch Encomium (2003)
Picnic Playground (2009)
Pierre's Plastic Dreams (1999)
The Pilgrim: A Celebration of Kris Kristofferson (2006)
A Portrait for Strings (2001)
Protest: Songs of Struggle & Resistance from Around the World (2004)
Practically Every Day (2002)

Raise the Roof: Live from the Barns at Wolf Trap (2005)
Rasputin's Folk Cafe Song Along 1999: Quick & Dirty Does It (1999)
Remembering Stan Rogers: An East Coast Tribute (1995)
Rock Me, Shake Me: Field Recordings Vol. 15, Mississippi 1941-1942 (2002)
The Rough Guide to Gospel (2002)

Safe House: A Collection of the Blues (1998)
Sandburg Out Loud (2002)
Seeds: The Songs of Pete Seeger, Vol. 3 (2003)
Sing Along with Putumayo (2004)
The Singer-Songwriter Collection (2002)
Six Strings North of the Border, Vol. 2 (2002)
Six Strings North of the Border, Vol. 3 (2005)
65 Roses (2009)

Songs & Ballads of the Bituminous Miners (2002)
Songs for a Better Planet, Vol. II (2006)
Songs of Seduction (1961/2000)
The Sounds of Nova Scotia, Vol. 2 (1991)
The Sounds of Nova Scotia, Volume 3 (2001)
Sowing the Seeds: The 10th Anniversary (2007)
Spain in My Heart: Songs of the Spanish Civil War (2003)
Stan Rogers -- A Matter of Heart: The Musical Revue (2000)
Stoking the Fires of Resistance: A Musical History of the U.S. War on the Iraqi People (2001)
Strange Coincidences in Specialty Tea Trading (2005)
Strange Coincidences in Specialty Tea Trading II (2006)

Tears of a Thousand Years (2001)
35 Years of Stony Plain (2011)
Tidings of Joy: An Eversound Holiday Celebration (1999)
Tower of Song: The Songs of Leonard Cohen (1995)
Treasures Left Behind: Remembering Kate Wolf (1998)
Vote in November: Anti-Theft Device (2004)

We Are Each Other's Angels (2000)
Welcoming Children Into the World (1999)
We Will Remain: Patriotic Songs of Newfoundland (1998)
Where Have All the Flowers Gone: The Songs of Pete Seeger (1998)
Where's Neil When You Need Him? (2006)
Where We Live (2003)
Wilderness Plots (2007)
The Wildlife Album (2005)
The Wildlife Album 2: Live in Hope (2006)
A Woman's Voice: First Person Singular (2001)
Wonderland: A Winter Solstice Celebration (2002)

Varner Lynch
Worlds Away: Tales of Time & Travels (2002)

Velvet Hammer
Come Down (1999)

James Velvet
Just Plain Jane & Other Modest Proposals (2007)

April Verch
From Where I Stand (2003)
Steal the Blue (2008)
Bright Like Gold (2013)
The April Verch Anthology (2017)

Peter Verity
High Flyer (2001)
Sometimes a Journey (2005)

Jason Vigil
Heart Gone Sober (2006)

Vigilantes of Love
Summershine (2001)

Think God (2010)

Ain't No Joke (1999)

Volo Bogtrotters
Old Time String Band with Vocal Accompaniment (1997)

Patricia Vonne
Guitars & Castanets (2005)