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Bluegrass, Country,
Old-Time & Appalachian

Country and bluegrass are distinctive, immensely popular forms of "American folk music," but the lines defining them are becoming harder to map. Old-timey instrumentalists often provide a bluegrassy flair, while alt-country musicians are crossing boundaries into mainstream pop and rock. Appalachian music in particular retains similarities to its Celtic roots.



Sleepy LaBeef
Rockabilly Blues (2001)

The Lacemakers
The Lacemakers (2012)

Lackawanna Rail
I Think You Should Know (2006)

Jimmy LaFave
Blue Nightfall (2005)

Joe LaMay & Sherri Reese
Maryville (2000)
Cumberland Rose (2005)

Buck Lambert
The Olde Prospector (2001)

Miranda Lambert
Kerosene (2005)

Peter Lang
Dharma Blues (2001)

Unbridled (2006)

Brett Larson
One of These Roads (2014)

James LaRue
Banjo Jimmy Playing Songs to Remember (year unknown)

Jim Lauderdale
The Other Sessions (2001)
Lost in the Lonesome Pines, with Ralph Stanley & Clinch Mountain Boys (2002)
Headed for the Hills (2004)
Bluegrass (2006)

Amy LaVere
This World is Not My Home (2006)

John Lawless
Five & Dime (2004)

Eddy Lawrence
Going to Water (2001)

Tracy Lawrence
Strong (2004)

The Laws
Two (2002)
Try Love (2011)

Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver
The Original Band (1999)
Just Over in Heaven (2000)
Gospel Parade (2001)
The Hard Game of Love (2002)
Thank God (2003)
Beyond the Shadows (2004)
Lonely Street (2009)
Sing Me a Song About Jesus (2012)
In Session (2014)
Burden Bearer (2016)
 Life is a Story (2017)

Albert Lee
Road Runner (2006)

Rick Lee & Les Daniels
Dr. Daniels & Mr. Lee (1999)

Sheri Lee
More Than Words (1998)

James Leva
Memory Theatre (2001)
'Til I Know (2004)

Laurie Lewis
Winter's Grace, with Tom Rozum (1999)
Birdsong (2002)
Skippin' & Flyin' (2011)
Laurie & Kathy Sing the Songs of Vern & Ray, with Laurie Lewis (2014)

Laurie Lewis & the Right Hands
The Hazel & Alice Sessions (2016)

The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover
On the Radio 1952-1953 (2002)

Li'l Mo & the Monicats
On the Moon (2009)
Whole Lotta Lovin' (2012)

The Little Grasscals
Nashville's Superpickers (2002)

Little Rock
Little Rock (2002)

Little Windows
Just Beyond Me (2006)

Jim Lloyd & the Skyliners
Songs from My Attic (2010)

Local Exchange
Because He Lives (2001)

Hank Locklin
Generations in Song (2003)

Locust Mountain Boys
Ode to the Locusts (2003)
Back in Time with Family & Friends (2005)

Locust Ridge
Healed (2013)

Lonesome Brothers
Swamptown Girl (2001)
Pony Tales (2002)
Fences (2004)
Mono (2006)

Lonesome River Band
Talkin' to Myself (2000)
Chronology, Vol. I (2012)
Chronology, Vol. II (2012)
Chronology, Vol. III (2012)
Turn on a Dime (2014)
Bridging the Tradition (2016)
Mayhayley's House (2017)

Kate Long & Robin Kessinger
What We Do (2008)

Rebekah Long
Here I Am (2016)

Wayne Long
Only a Glance (2004)

Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos
Los Fabulocos (2008)

Lindsay Lou & the Flatbellys
Release Your Shrouds (2012)

Edgar Loudermilk
Georgia Maple (2016)

Patty Loveless
Bluegrass & White Snow (2002)
Mountain Soul II (2009)

David Lovett & Friends
Five Miles from Town (2005)

Welcome to the Low Country (2003)

Cindy Lu
Two Sides (2003)

Lauren Lucas
If I was Your Girl (2008)

Lucy Angel
Lucy Angel (2011)

"Old Man" Luedecke
Hinterland (2006)
My Hands are on Fire & Other Love Songs (2010)

The Corb Lund Band
Five Dollar Bill (2002)

Carole & Teresa Lundgren with Steve Eulberg
Random Acts of Fiddling (1999)

Bascom Lamar Lunsford
Ballads, Banjo Tunes & Sacred Songs of Western North Carolina (1996)

Bill Lyerly
Requiem Mess (2001)

David Lykins
Blurry White Guy (2008)

Claire Lynch
Lovelight (2000)
Dear Sister (2013)

Shelby Lynne
I Am Shelby Lynne (2000)

Howard Lyons
Hopes & Dreams, with Joanne Shenandoah (2001)


Rita MacNeil
Mining the Soul, with the Men of the Deeps (2000)
Common Dream (2002)
Blue Roses (2004)

Madison Violet
No Fool for Trying (2009)

Charlie Major
Inside Out (2004)

The Malpass Brothers
The Malpass Brothers (2015)

Jeff Mamett
Here's Your Hat (2015)

D.L. Marble
Not the One (2012)

Carolyn Mark
Nothing is Free (2007)

Marley's Ghost
Spooked (2006)

Marshall Ford Swing Band
It's About Dam Time (2010)

Mike Marshall & Darol Anger
Jam (1999)
The Duo Live: At Home & On the Range (2002)
Gloryland, with Anonymous 4 (2006)

Mike Marshall & Chris Thile
Into the Cauldron (2003)

Janis Martin
The Blanco Sessions (2012)

Mac Martin & the Dixie Travelers
Travelin' On (2004)

Steve Martin & the Steep Canyon Rangers
Rare Bird Alert (2011)

Jed Marum
Rejoice (2011)

Buzz Matheson & Mac Martin
Echoes of the Past (1998)

Kathy Mattea
Roses (2002)

The Mavericks
The Mavericks (2003)

Tim May
Find My Way Back (2005)

Maya & the Ruins
Take This Song With You (2012)

The Maybelles
Leavin' Town (2007)

The Mayflies
Jerusalem Ridge (2007)

McBride & the Ride
Amarillo Sky (2002)

The McCabes
Whatever Makes You Tick (2002)
Dark Before the Dawn (2004)

Amy McCarley
Jet Engines (2014)

Mary McCaslin & Jim Ringer
The Bramble & the Rose (2000)

Lydia McCauley
ForeignLander (2004)

Antsy McClain & the Trailer Park Troubadours
Heroes Last Forever: The Sun Studio Sessions (2011)

The McCloskey Brothers Band
The McCloskey Brothers Band (2002)

George McClure
Champagne Saturday (I Made Love to an Alien Last Night) (1999)

The McClymonts
Wrapped Up Good (2011)

Carol McComb
Little Bit of Heaven (2000)

Del McCoury
High Lonesome & Blue (2004)

The Del McCoury Band
The Family (1999)
The Mountain, with Steve Earle (1999)
The Company We Keep (2005)

Ronnie McCoury
Heartbreak Town (2000)

Sandra McCracken
Gravity/Love (2006)

Kort McCumber
Lickskillet Road (2007)

Richie McDonald
If Every Day Could Be Christmas (2007)

Reba McEntire
Merry Christmas to You (1995)

Rex McGee
24 Creations for Solo Banjo (2000)

Lori McKenna
Paper Wings & Halo (1997)
The Kitchen Tapes (2003)

Andrew McKnight
Turning Pages (2001)
Beyond Borders (2005)

The McKrells
Live (1999)
Merry Christmas (1999)
Better Days (2002)
Hit the Ground Running (2002)

Michael & Jennifer McLain
Hit the Road & Go (2016)

Gary McMahan
Goin' My Way? (2009)

Josh McMurray
Pickin' Time (2003)

Rob McNurlin
Lonesome Valley Again (2003)
River Road or Rail, with Nancy Apple (2005)

Jesse McReynolds & Friends
Songs of the Grateful Dead (2010)

Jesse McReynolds & the Virginia Boys
New Horizons (2004)

The Melroys
Walls Will Fall (2006)

Memarie (2003)

Audrey Auld Mezera
Lost Men & Angry Girls (2006)

Lori Michaels
The Lilac Testament (2005)

Georgia Middleman
Endless Possibilities (2000)

Buddy & Julie Miller
Written in Chalk (2009)

Jim Mills
My Dixie Home (2002)

Lisa Mills
Tempered in Fire (2011)

Trevor Mills
Karaoke Cowboy (2003)

Miss Laurie Ann & the SaddleTones
Ease My Mind (2014)

Misty River
Rising (2000)
Live at the Backgate Stage (2001)
Willow (2004)

Doug Mitchell
Count the Stars (2004)

Mike Mitchell
Thirteen Hours (2007)

Pete Mitchell
Cutting the Mustard (2006)

Katy Moffatt
Loose Diamond (2000)

The Molenes
Good Times Comin' (2010)

Brian Molnar & the Naked Hearts
Of the Fall (2011)

Bruce Molsky
Poor Man's Troubles (2000)
Contented Must Be (2004)
Soon Be Time (2006)
If It Ain't Here When I Get Back (2013)

Bill Monroe
Live from Mountain Stage (1999)
Live: Volume 1, with the Blue Grass Boys (2001)

The Monroe Brothers
What Would You Give in Exchange for Your Soul? (2000)

Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus)
Hannah Montana (2006)

Patsy Montana
The Best of Patsy Montana (2001)

Alastair Moock
Let It Go (2005)

Hunter Moore
Conversations (2001)

Randy Moore & the Fabulous Deltones
Randy Moore & the Fabulous Deltones (2000)

Russell Moore & IIIrd Tyme Out
Prime Tyme (2011)

Allison Moorer
The Duel (2004)
Getting Somewhere (2006)

Gurf Morlix
Cut 'n Shoot (2004)

Don Morrell
After All These Years (1999)

Jackie Morris
Where the Legends Grow Like Weeds (2005)

Lynn Morris
You'll Never Be the Sun (1999)

The Lynn Morris Band
Shape of a Tear (2003)

Cahalen Morrison & Country Hammer
The Flower of Muscle Shoals (2014)

Cahalen Morrison & Eli West
Our Lady of the Tall Trees (2012)
I'll Swing My Hammer with Both My Hands (2014)

Mountain Thyme
West Virginia Chose Me (1997)
A Smile at the Door (2006)

Zoe Mulford
Roadside Saints (2006)

Megan Munroe
One More Broken String (2009)

Larry Murante
Water's Edge (2000)

Michael Martin Murphey
Tall Grass & Cool Water (2011)

Chris Murphy
Juniper (2004)
Noir (2004)

Charlie Musselwhite
One Night In America (2002)

Heather Myles
Sweet Talk & Good Lies (2002)

The Mysterious Redbirds
1992-1998 (2000)


Mike Nadolson
Quicksand (1997)

Nashville Bluegrass Band
Twenty Year Blues (2004)

Jimson Weed (2004)

Rick Neeley
General Merchandise (2002)

Tracy Nelson
You'll Never Be a Stranger at My Door (2007)

Willie Nelson
Crazy: The Demo Sessions (2003)
Live at Billy Bob's Texas (2004)
Live at Billy Bob's Texas DVD (2004)
Countryman (2006)

New Christy Minstrels
Christmas with the New Christy Minstrels: Complete! (2001)

NewGrange (1999)

New Lost City Ramblers
40 Years of Concert Performances (2001)

New Roanoke Jug Band
Play It for a Long Time (2002)

The Garrett Newton Band
Young Heart, Old Soul (2016)

Mark Newton & Steve Thomas
Reborn (2012)

Harlan Road (2016)

Joe Nichols
Joe Nichols (1996)

Nickel Creek
Nickel Creek (2000)
This Side (2002)
Reasons Why (The Very Best) (2006)

Nerissa & Katryna Nields
Love & China (2002)

Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Speed of Life (2010)
Circlin' Back: Celebrating Fifty Years (2016)

Michelle Nixon & Drive
It's My Turn (2003)

Sierra Noble
Spirit of the Strings (2005)

Bill Noonan
The Man That I Can't Be (2009)

Sheila Noonan
Radio Sweethearts (1999)

Holly Norman
Taking Care of Bluegrass: A Tribute to Elvis (2016)

Wayne Noyce & the Combine Pilots
It's All Good (2007)

The Blu-Disc (2011)
Ten (2013)

Alecia Nugent
Alecia Nugent (2004)
A Little Girl ... A Big Four-Lane (2006)

Hope Nunnery
Wilderness Lounge (2007)


Gen Obata
Better Off On the Run (2001)

Mollie O'Brien
Things I Gave Away (2000)

Tim O'Brien
The Crossing (1999)
Two Journeys (2001)
Traveler (2003)
Cornbread Nation (2005)
Fiddler's Green (2005)
Chameleon (2008)

Maura O'Connell
Don't I Know (2004)

Zephaniah Ohora with the 18 Wheelers
This Highway (2017)

Oh Susanna
Sleepy Little Sailor (2001)
Oh Susanna (2003)
Short Stories (2007)

Lisa O'Kane
It Don't Hurt (2007)

Old Buck
Old Buck (2013)

Old Crow Medicine Show
Old Crow Medicine Show (2004)
Wagon Wheel (2004)
Big Iron World (2006)

Old 97s
Fight Songs (1999)

Mark Olson & the Creekdippers
December's Child (2002)

Open Road
In the Life (2004)

The Oriskany Strings
Mostly Gospel (2004)

Orpheus Supertones
Bound to Have a Little Fun (2004)

Laura Orshaw
Songs of Lost Yesterdays (2014)

Bobby Osborne
Original (2017)

Bobby Osborne & the Rocky Top X-Press
Try a Little Kindness (2006)
New Bluegrass & Old Heartaches (2012)

Dean Owens
My Town (2004)


Buck Page
Right Place to Start (2005)

Brad Paisley
Time Well Wasted (2005)

Dolly Parton
Grass is Blue (1999)
Little Sparrow (2001)
Halos & Horns (2002)
Just Because I'm a Woman: Songs of Dolly Parton (2003)

Bill Passalaqua
Reckless Pedestrian (1999)

Patent Pending
Through the Window (2001)

Somewhere Tonight (2009)

Johnny Paycheck
Touch My Heart: A Tribute to Johnny Paycheck (2004)

Terry Penney
Missing Marshville (2002)

Guy Penrod
Breathe Deep (2010)

Mattias Perez Trio
mp3 (2007)

Ken Perlman
Northern Banjo (2001)

Alex Peterson
Mexican Dog (2002)

Dreams of the Heartland (2005)
100 Proof Woman (2007)

Al Petteway & Amy White
Land of the Sky (2005)
Winter Tidings (2006)

Phillips, Grier & Flinner
Looking Back (2002)

The Piedmont Melody Makers
Wonderful World Outside (2016)

Bruce Piephoff
Deep River Anthology (2001)

Paul Pigat
Boxcar Campfire (2010)

Steven Pile
Overnight (2002)

Speak No Evil (2002)

John Platania
Blues, Waltzes & Badland Borders (2007)

Polecat Creek
Salt Sea Bound (2001)

The Porch Rockers
Heard the News (2003)

Dirk Powell
Songs from the Mountain, with Tim O'Brien & John Herrmann (1998)
Hand Me Down (1999)
Time Again (2004)

Preacher Jack
Pictures from Life's Other Side (2007)

Punkin Holler Boys
Incan Flutes (2000)

Pure Prairie League
All in Good Time (2006)


In the Beauty of the Day (1998)

Quick Drawl
Two Dollar Buffet (1999)

Quicksilver, with Doyle Lawson
The Original Band (1999)
Just Over in Heaven (2000)
Gospel Parade (2001)
The Hard Game of Love (2002)
Thank God (2003)
Beyond the Shadows (2004)
Lonely Street (2009)
Sing Me a Song About Jesus (2012)
Burden Bearer (2016)
 Life is a Story (2017)