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Bluegrass, Country,
Old-Time & Appalachian

Country and bluegrass are distinctive, immensely popular forms of "American folk music," but the lines defining them are becoming harder to map. Old-timey instrumentalists often provide a bluegrassy flair, while alt-country musicians are crossing boundaries into mainstream pop and rock. Appalachian music in particular retains similarities to its Celtic roots.



Walden Dahl
Walden Dahl (2003)

Dailey & Vincent
Dailey & Vincent (2008)

Dakota Sid & the Badland Serenaders
Live at Josiah Stillwater Cooper's Saloon (2004)

Lisa Dames
If These Walls Could Talk (2004)

Chris Daniels, The Kings & Friends
The Spark (2003)

Les Daniels & Rick Lee
Dr. Daniels & Mr. Lee (1999)

Brad Davis
I'm Not Gonna Let My Blues Bring Me Down (2003)
This World Ain't No Child (2004)

Jesse Dayton & Brennen Leigh
"Holdin' Our Own" & Other Country Gold Duets (2007)

Dead Men's Hollow
Forever True (2005)
Death Must be a Woman (2008)
Angels' Share (2010)

Kevin Deal
Roll (2007)

Donna Dean & the Amazing Rhythm Aces
Money (2002)

Valerie DeLaCruz
They'll Never Know (2000)

Della Mae
I Built This Heart (2011)

Brigitte DeMeyer
Another Thousand Miles (2000)
Something After All (2005)
Red River Flower (2007)

The Derailers
Soldiers of Love (2006)
Under the Influence of Buck (2007)

A Better Place (2012)

Hazel Dickens
It's Hard to Tell the Singer from the Song (1987/2000)
By the Sweat of My Brow (1999)

Swill (2000)
Smoke Damage (2002)

The Dilettantes
This Small Town (1999)

Rodney Dillard & the Dillard Band
Don't Wait for the Hearse to Take You to Church (2011)
I Wish Life Was Like Mayberry (2010/2017)

Craig Dillingham
Almost Yesterday (2004)

Nancy K. Dillon
Roses Guide to Time Travel (2010)

The Dixie Bee-Liners
The Dixie Bee-Liners (2005)
Ripe (2007)
Susanville (2009)

Dixie Chicks
Wide Open Spaces (1998)
Home (2002)

The Dixie Hummingbirds
Diamond Jubilation (2003)

The Dixons
Still Your Fool (2008)

Deryl Dodd
Stronger Proof (2004)

Marc Doiron
Time is Precious (2003)

Double Standard String Band
Double Standard String Band (2001)

Mike Dougherty
Southern Comfort (2007)

Jerry Douglas & Peter Rowan
Yonder (1996)

The Down Hill Strugglers
Lone Prairie & Other Old Time Songs (2017)

Billy Droze
To Whom It May Concern (2017)

Dry Branch Fire Squad
Hand Hewn (2001)

The Duhks
The Duhks (2005)
Migrations (2006)
Beyond the Blue (2014)

Dulaman (2001)
Four Years in November (2003)

Spencer Durham
Much More Than Words (2007)


Fred Eaglesmith
Drive-in Movie (1996)
Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline (1997)
50 Odd Dollars (1999)
Ralph's Last Show: Live in Santa Cruz, with the Flying Squirrels (2001)
Cha Cha Cha (2010)

The Earl Brothers
Troubles to Blame (2006)
Moonshine (2008)
The Earl Brothers (2010)
Outlaw Hillbilly (2012)

Stacey Earle
Simple Gearle (1998)

Steve Earle
The Mountain, with the Del McCoury Band (1999)
Transcendental Blues (2000)
Townes (2009)

Cliff Eberhardt
Borders (1999)

Patti Ecker & Friends
Prairieland (2002)

Don Edwards
Moonlight & Skies (2006)

W.C. Edgar
Alcohol of Fame (2009)
Old School Survivor (2017)

Eleven Hundred Springs
Bandwagon (2006)
Country Jam (2008)

Eli Young Band
Level (2005)

Eliza Blue
One Year (2005)

Carrie Elkin
Call It My Garden (2011)

Elkville String Band
Over the Mountain (2008)

Mark Elliott
American Road (2004)

Ramblin' Jack Elliott
The Long Ride (1999)
The Lost Topic Tapes: Cowes Harbor 1957 (2004)
The Lost Topic Tapes: Isle of Wight 1957 (2004)

William Lee Ellis
Conqueroo (2003)
God's Tattoos (2006)

Bill Emerson & Sweet Dixie
The Touch of Time (2011)
Dancin' Annie (2014)
The Gospel Side (2015)

Ragged Dreams (2017)

Emmitt-Nershi Band
New Country Blues (2009)

Mark Erelli
Hillbilly Pilgrim (2004)

Charlsey Etheridge
Memories of Mine (2013)

Ethyl & The Regulars
Fill 'Er Up (2009)

Bill Evans
In Good Company (2012)
Fine Times at Fletcher's House, with Fletcher Bright (2013)

Rusty Evans & Ring of Fire
Burning Man (2007)

Sara Evans
No Place That Far (1998)
Born to Fly (2000)

Andrew Eversole
Creature (2008)


Raymond Fairchild
Plays the Classics (2002)

The Farm Hands
Better Than I Deserve (2015)
Dig in the Dirt (2016)

Early (2008)
I Can't Wait (2014)

Feller & Hill
Brothers & Heroes (2017)

Henri Ferguson
Missing the Boat (2002)

Fiddlers 4
Fiddlers 4 (2002)

Liam Fitzgerald & the Rainieros
Last Call! (2012)

Gary Fjellgaard & Valdy
Contenders (2000)
Contenders Two: Still in the Running (2007)

Foxhounds & Fiddles (2017)

Flatt Lonesome
Flatt Lonesome (2013)
Runaway Train (2015)

Bela Fleck & the Flecktones
Flight of the Cosmic Hippo (1991)
Outbound (2000)

Bela Fleck, Tony Trischka & Bill Keith
Fiddle Tunes for Banjo (1999)

Matt Flinner
Latitude (2001)

Bradford Lee Folk & the Bluegrass Playboys
Somewhere Far Away (2014)

Radney Foster
Are You Ready for the Big Show? (2001)
Another Way to Go (2002)
This World We Live In (2006)

Damon Fowler
Sugar Shack (2009)

Amy Fradon
Small Town News (2003)

Amy Francis
Balladacious (2011)

Bob Frank
Red Neck, Blue Collar (2008)

Ben Freed
Suite for Bluegrass Banjo (2003)

Dori Freeman
Dori Freeman (2016)
Letters Never Read (2017)

Freeman & Williams
Freeman & Williams (2012)

Free Range Pickin'
Free Range Pickin' (2004)

Janie Fricke
Country Side of Bluegrass (2012)

Todd Fritsch
Todd Fritsch (2005)
Sawdust (2007)

Front Country
Sake of the Sound (2014)

Front Range
Silent Ground (2000)

Jackie Frost
Calliope (2005)

Tony Furtado & the American Gypsies
Live Gypsy (2003)

Eat the Moon (2015)


Jerry Garcia Acoustic Band
Almost Acoustic (2010)
Ragged But Right (2010)

Gas Money
22 Dollars (2005)

Rayna Gellert
Workin's Too Hard (2017)

Genesee Rose String Band (Joe LaMay & Sherri Reese)
Maryville (2000)

The Gentlemen of Bluegrass
Carolina Memories (2014)

Alice Gerrard
Bittersweet (2013)

The Gibson Brothers
Bona Fide (2003)
Red Letter Day (2005)
Ring the Bell (2009)
They Called It Music (2013)

Melissa Gibson
Welcome to Stay (2003)
In Your Corner (2006)

Susan Gibson
Chin Up (2002)

Jimmie Dale Gilmore
One Endless Night (2000)

Mark Wayne Glasmire
MWG (2012)

Katie Glassman & Snapshot
Dream a Little Dream (2013)

The Goat Roper Rodeo Band
Hail the Remedy (2013)

Eve Goldberg
Crossing the Water (2003)

John Gomez
Head First (2003)

David Goodrich
Accidentals of the West (2002)

Robert Gordon & Chris Spedding
It's Now or Never

The Gourds
Bolsa de Agua (2000)

Courtney Granger
Beneath Still Waters (2016)

The Grascals
The Famous Lefty Flynn's (2010)
The Grascals & Friends (2010)
Dance Til Your Stockings are Hot & Ravelin' (2011)
And Then There's This... (2015)
Before Breakfast (2017)

Kicking Up Dust (2011)

Grayson County Daredevils
Staggerin' Blues (2013)

Greasy Beans
Real Live Music (2002)

Great Northern
Low Lonesome (1999)
3 (2002)

Todd Grebe & Cold Country
Citizen (2015)

Buddy Greenbloom
My Little Underground (2003)

The Greencards
Viridian (2007)

Rian Greene
Drown the Miller (2013)

Adie Grey
How to Find a Rainbow (2005)

Bob Grez
Ain't Plain Country (2000)
Still a Cowboy (2000)

Jeff Griffith
If It Ain't One Thing It's Another (2007)

Nanci Griffith
Once in a Very Blue Moon (1984/2002)
Poet in My Window (1986/2002)
There's a Light Beyond These Woods (1986/2002)
Lone Star State of Mind (1987/2009)
Winter Marquee (2002)

Steve Gulley
Family, Friends & Fellowship (2014)

Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle
Steve Gulley & New Pinnacle (2015)
Aim High (2016)
Time Won't Wait (2017)

Bruce Guthro
Of Your Son (1998)
Guthro (2001)


Donny H
Listen (2004)

Hacienda Brothers
What's Wrong with Right (2006)

The Hackensaw Boys
Give It Back (2002)
Keep It Simple (2002)
Look Out! (2007)
Charismo (2016)

Merle Haggard
If I Could Only Fly (2000)

Ben Hall
Ben Hall! (2011)

James Hand
The Truth Will Set You Free (2006)

Spook Handy
Breakfast at Bill's (2001)

Harmon's Peak
Traditional American Music (2007)

Michael Reno Harrell
Drive (2006)

Rachel Harrington
Makin' Our House a Honkytonk (2012)

Angela Harris
Roots (2005)

Emmylou Harris
Red Dirt Girl (2000)

JP Harris & the Tough Choices
I'll Keep Calling (2012)
Home is Where the Hurt Is (2014)

John Hartford
Hamilton Ironworks (2001)

John Hartford Stringband
Memories of John (2010)

Carrie Hassler
The Distance (2012)

Ginny Hawker & Tracy Schwarz
Good Songs for Hard Times (2000)
Draw Closer (2004)

Aubrey Haynie
A Man Must Carry On (2000)
The Bluegrass Fiddle Album (2003)

Hayseed Dixie
A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC (2001)
A Hillbilly Tribute to Mountain Love (2002)

Terri Hendrix
The Ring (2002)
Celebrate the Difference (2006)

Debbie Hennessey
Good as Gone (2006)

Marc Herman
Neon (2003)

Caroline Herring
Twilight (2001)
Lantana (2008)

Emily Herring
My Tears Will Be Relieved (2007)
Your Mistake (2013)

Barry Hertz
A Cowboy's Prayer (2006)

The Last Country Album (2007)

Berline Crary Hickman
Chambergrass (2002)

Susan Hickman
Susan Hickman (2010)

Bill Hicks
The Perfect Gig (2002)

Bill & Libby Hicks
South of Nowhere (2001)

The Highwaymen
The Road Goes On Forever (1995)

Arty Hill & the Long Gone Daddys
Bar of Gold (2008)
Back on the Rail (2009)
Montgomery on My Mind (2009)

Byron Hill
Gravity ... & other things that keep you down to Earth (1999)
Ramblings (2004)

Harold Hill
Harold Hill (2002)

Hillbilly Parker
Hillbilly Parker (2003)

Chris Hillman & Herb Pedersen
Way Out West (2002)

Scott Holstein
Cold Coal Town (2013)

David Holt & the Lightning Bolts
David Holt & the Lightning Bolts (2006)

Mark Holt & Kimberlee Holt Tully
Acoustically Native (2003)

Follow That Trail of Dust Back Home (2006)

Marcie Horne
Everything's Blue (2008)

The Horse Flies
In the Dance Tent (2000)

Hotpoint Stringband
The Road to Burhania (2001)

Hot Rize
So Long of a Journey (2002)

Joe Houck
Dream (2004)

Tom House
Jesus Doesn't Live Here Anymore (2001)

Ray Wylie Hubbard
Crusades of the Restless Knights (1999)

Brad Hudson
 Next New Heartbreak (2017)

Rob Huffman
Tone Without Tension (2006)

Donna Hughes
Fly (2014)
From the Heart (2014)

Hunger Mountain Boys
Three (2006)

Jim Hurst
Two, with Missy Raines (2000)
Second Son (2002)

Adam Hurt
Intrigue (2002)

Michael Hurwitz & the Aimless Drifters
Blue Coyote (2006)
Cowboy Fandango (2007)
Chrome on the Range (2010)

Tim Hus
Western Star (2013)

Hymn River Suite
Hundred Proof (2017)

Ron Hynes
Get Back Change (2003)


Rob Ickes
What It Is (2002)
Big Time, with Blue Highway (2004)

IIIrd Tyme Out
John & Mary (1999)
Back to the Mac (2001)
Prime Tyme, with Russell Moore (2011)

Kazuhiro Inaba
Teardrop on a Rose (2003)

The Infamous Stringdusters
Fork in the Road (2007)

Jack Ingram
Live at Billy Bob's Texas (2003)

Ingram Hill
Cold in California (2007)

Dave Insley
Just the Way That I Am (2016)

Interstate Cowboy
There's a Road (2007)

Bo Isaac & the Rounders
Dollar (2012)

Chris Isaak
Heart Shaped World (1989)


Lynn Jackson
Sweet Relief (2005)
Restless Days (2007)

Waylon Jennings
Lonesome, On'ry & Mean: A Tribute to Waylon Jennings (2003)

Jim & Jesse
'Tis Sweet to Be Remembered (2003)

Jim & Jesse & the Virginia Boys
Radio Shows (2014)

Jimmy & the Mustangs
Another Round (2016)

Evan Johns & the Hillbilly Soul Surfers
Moontan (2001)

Donald Wayne Johnson
Half a Heart (2002)

Carol Elizabeth Jones & Laurel Bliss
Girl from Jericho (2003)

Chris Jones
Too Far Down the Road (2006)

Chris Jones & the Night Drivers
Run Away Thought (2015)
Made to Move (2017)

Diana Jones
My Remembrance of You (2006)

George Jones
The Great Lost Hits (2010)

Kacey Jones
Sings Mickey Newbury (2006)

Norah Jones
Feels Like Home (2004)

Jones & Leva
Vertie's Dream (2000)

Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road
Lorraine Jordan & Carolina Road (2013)

Teri Joyce
Kitchen Radio (2009)

June Star
Sugarbird (2004)

Carolyn Justice
Out of the Fast Lane (2006)


Kathy Kallick
My Mother's Voice (2001)
Reason & Rhyme (2003)
Warmer Kind of Blue (2005)
Between the Hollow & the High-Rise (2010)
Cut to the Chase (2014)
Laurie & Kathy Sing the Songs of Vern & Ray (2014)
Foxhounds (2015)

Cindy Kalmenson
Let Me Out Here (1997)

Barbara Jo Kammer
One Song at a Time (2017)

Lucy Kaplansky
Ten Year Night (1999)

Kaia Kater
Sorrow Bound (2015)

Bill Keith, Tony Trischka, Bela Fleck
Fiddle Tunes for Banjo (1999)

Toby Keith
Shock'n Y'All (2003)

Dick Kimmel
Fishin' Creek Blues (1999)
My Lord Keeps a Record (2005)

James King
Thirty Years of Farming (2002)

The Kinleys
Just Between You & Me (1997)

Bill Kirchen
Hammer of the Honky-Tonk Gods (2006)

Bill Kirchen & Austin de Lone
Transatlanticana (2016)

Caleb Klauder & Reeb Willms
Innocent Road (2016)

Chris Knight
A Pretty Good Guy (2001)
The Jealous Kind (2003)
Enough Rope (2006)
Little Victories (2012)

Libby Koch
Just Move On (2016)

Ryan Koenig
Two Different Worlds (2017)

Randy Kohrs
I'm Torn (2004)

Papa John Kolstad & Clint Hoover
Alive & Well at the Gingko (2006)

Alison Krauss & Union Station
New Favorite (2001)
Live (2002)
Live DVD (2003)

Kris Kristofferson
Kristofferson (2001)
Third World Warrior & Repossessed (2004)
The Pilgrim: A Celebration of Kris Kristofferson (2006)
This Old Road (2006)