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"The fey wonders of the world exist while there are those with the sight to see them." (Charles de Lint, Into the Green)

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Ben Aaronovitch
Rivers of London No. 4: Broken Homes

Mario Acevedo
The Nymphos of Rocky Flats

C.T. Adams & Cathy Clamp
Captive Moon
Touch of Evil

Douglas Adams
Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency
The Salmon of Doubt: Hitchhiking the Galaxy One Last Time

David Almond

Christine Amsden
Touch of Fate

Ilona Andrews
Magic Bites
Magic Burns

Alex Archer
Rogue Angel #1: Destiny
Rogue Angel #2: Solomon's Jar
Rogue Angel #3: The Spider Stone
Rogue Angel #4: The Chosen

Kelley Armstrong
Women of the Otherworld #1: Bitten
Women of the Otherworld #2: Stolen
Women of the Otherworld #3: Dime Store Magic
Women of the Otherworld #4: Industrial Magic
Women of the Otherworld #5: Haunted
Women of the Otherworld #6: Broken
Women of the Otherworld #7: No Humans Involved
Women of the Otherworld #8: Personal Demon
Women of the Otherworld #9: Living with the Dead
Women of the Otherworld #12: Spell Bound

Steve Augarde
The Various


Richard Bach

Camille Bacon-Smith
Eyes of the Empress
The Face of Time

Alison Baird
The Hidden World

Nancy Baker
Blood & Chrysanthemums
The Night Inside (also published as Kiss of the Vampire)

L.A. Banks
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Vampire Huntress #1: Minion
Vampire Huntress #2: The Awakening
Vampire Huntress #3: The Hunted

Nick Bantock
The Venetian's Wife

Adrienne Barbeau & Michael Scott
Vampyres of Hollywood

Peter S. Beagle
A Dance for Emilia

Elizabeth Bear
Shadow Unit: Season One

Greg Bear
Dinosaur Summer

Lyn Benedict
Sins & Shadows

Nigel Bennett & P.N. Elrod
Keeper of the King

Amber Benson & Christopher Golden
Ghosts of Albion: Accursed
Ghosts of Albion: Initiation
Ghosts of Albion: Witchery
The Seven Whistlers

Elaine Bergstrom
The Door Through Washington Square

Michael Bishop
Unicorn Mountain

Holly Black

Holly Black & Tony DiTerlizzi
The Spiderwick Chronicles #1: The Field Guide
The Spiderwick Chronicles #2: The Seeing Stone
The Spiderwick Chronicles #3: Lucinda's Secret
The Spiderwick Chronicles #4: The Ironwood Tree
The Spiderwick Chronicles #5: The Wrath of Mulgarath

Jenna Black
Dark Descendant
Guardians of the Night #1: Watchers in the Night
Guardians of the Night #2: Secrets in the Shadows
Guardians of the Night #3: Shadows on the Soul
Morgan Kingsley, Exorcist #1: The Devil Inside

James P. Blaylock
The Rainy Season
Thirteen Phantasms

Francesca Lia Block
Blood Roses
House of Dolls
I Was a Teenage Fairy
Pretty Dead
The Rose & the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold
The Waters & the Wild

Edward Bloor
Story Time

Richard Bowes
From the Files of the Time Rangers
Minions of the Moon

Herbie Brennan
Faerie Wars

D. Barkley Briggs
Legends of Karac Tor: The Book of Names

Patricia Briggs
Alpha & Omega
Mercy Thompson #1: Moon Called
Mercy Thompson #2: Blood Bound
Mercy Thompson #3: Iron Kissed

Kevin Brockmeier
The Brief History of the Dead

Terry Brooks
The Word & the Void #1: Running with the Demon
The Word & the Void #2: A Knight of the Word
The Word & the Void #3: Angel Fire East

Steven Brust

Rick Buda

Margaret Buffie
The Watcher

Mikhail Bulgakov
The Master & Margarita

Emma Bull
Shadow Unit: Season One
War for the Oaks

Kealan Patrick Burke
The Number 121 to Pennsylvania & Others

Jim Butcher
The Dresden Files #1: Storm Front
The Dresden Files #2: Fool Moon
The Dresden Files #3: Grave Peril
The Dresden Files #4: Summer Knight
The Dresden Files #5: Death Masks
The Dresden Files #6: Blood Rites
The Dresden Files #7: Dead Beat
The Dresden Files #8: Proven Guilty
The Dresden Files #9: White Night
The Dresden Files #10: Small Favor
The Dresden Files #11: Turn Coat
The Dresden Files #12: Changes
The Dresden Files #13: Ghost Story
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Side Jobs


Rachel Caine
Devil's Bargain
Devil's Due
The Morganville Vampires #1: Glass Houses
The Morganville Vampires #2: Dead Girl's Dance
The Morganville Vampires #3: Midnight Alley
The Morganville Vampires #9: Ghost Town
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Outcast Season #1: Undone
The Undead
Weather Warden #1: Ill Wind
Weather Warden #2: Heat Stroke
Weather Warden #3: Chill Factor
Weather Warden #4: Windfall
Weather Warden #5: Firestorm
Weather Warden #6: Thin Air

Mayra Calvani
Embraced by the Shadows

Roy Campbell
Song of the Jackalope

Orson Scott Card

Isobelle Carmody
Little Fur: The Legend Begins

Jonathan Carroll
Bones of the Moon
The Ghost in Love
The Land of Laughs
The Marriage of Sticks
The Wooden Sea

Michael Chabon
The Yiddish Policemen's Union

Karen Chance
Claimed by Shadow
Touch the Dark

Cassandra Clare
The Mortal Instruments #1: City of Bones
The Mortal Instruments #2: City of Ashes
The Mortal Instruments #3: City of Glass

Will Clarke
The Worthy: A Ghost's Story

Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy
The Forever King

Susan Cooper
The Boggart
The Dark is Rising #3: Greenwitch
King Of Shadows

Paul Cornell
London Falling

Charlene Costanzo
The Thirteenth Gift

Ron Costello
The Junto: Racing to the Bell

F. Brett Cox & Andy Duncan, editors
Crossroads: Tales of the Southern Literary Fantastic

Cindy Cruciger
Revenge Gifts

Marianne Curley
The Named

Keith Cymry
Hope in a Nutshell


Anna Dale
Whispering to Witches

Kara Dalkey
Crystal Sage
Steel Rose

Sheila A. Dane
Fairy Hunters, Ink.

Ellen Datlow & Terri Windling, editors
The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest
Salon Fantastique
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 11th edition
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 12th edition
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 13th edition
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 14th edition

Ellen Datlow, Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant, editors
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 18th annual edition

Peter David
Howling Mad
Knight Life
One Knight Only

MaryJanice Davidson
Derik's Bane
Sleeping with the Fishes
Swimming Without a Net
Undead & Unwed
Undead & Unemployed
Undead & Unappreciated

Pamela Dean
Juniper, Gentian & Rosemary
Tam Lin

Tom Deitz
Windmaster's Bane

Melissa de la Cruz
Blue Bloods #4: The Van Allen Legacy

Charles de Lint
Angel of Darkness, writing as Samuel M. Key
The Blue Girl
The Cats of Tanglewood Forest, illustrated by Charles Vess
A Circle of Cats, illustrated by Charles Vess
The Dreaming Place
Dreams Underfoot
Forests of the Heart
The Hour Before Dawn
The Ivory & the Horn
Jack in the Green
Jack of Kinrowan
  (omnibus: Jack the Giant-Killer, Drink Down the Moon)
The Little Country
Little (Grrl) Lost
Medicine Road, illustrated by Charles Vess
Memory & Dream
Moonlight & Vines
The Mystery of Grace
The Newford Stories
  (omnibus: Dreams Underfoot, The Ivory & the Horn, Moonlight & Vines)
Old Man Crow
The Onion Girl
The Painted Boy
Promises to Keep
Quicksilver & Shadow
Seven Wild Sisters
Someplace to be Flying
Spirits in the Wires
Tapping the Dream Tree
Triskell Tales: 22 Years of Chapbooks
Triskell Tales 2
Waifs & Strays
What the Mouse Found & Other Stories
The Wild Wood, illustrated by Brian Froud

Nicole Del Sesto
All Encompassing Trip

Tony DiTerlizzi & Holly Black
The Spiderwick Chronicles #1: The Field Guide
The Spiderwick Chronicles #2: The Seeing Stone
The Spiderwick Chronicles #3: Lucinda's Secret
The Spiderwick Chronicles #4: The Ironwood Tree
The Spiderwick Chronicles #5: The Wrath of Mulgarath

Robyn & Tony DiTocco
Atlas' Revenge
The Hero Perseus

Carole Nelson Douglas
Delilah Street, Paranormal Investigator #1: Dancing with Werewolves

Emily Drake
The Magickers
The Magickers #2: The Curse of Arkady
The Magickers #3: The Dragon Guard
The Magickers #4: The Gate of Bones

Jocelynn Drake
Dark Days #3: Dawnbreaker

Glen Duncan
I, Lucifer: Finally, the Other Side of the Story

Frederic Durbin


P.N. Elrod & Nigel Bennett
Keeper of the King

Michael Ende

Louise Erdrich
The Antelope Wife

Laura Esquivel
The Law of Love
Like Water for Chocolate


Mick Farren
The Time of Feasting

Jasper Fforde
Jack Spratt Investigates: The Big Over Easy
Jack Spratt Investigates: The Fourth Bear
Thursday Next: The Eyre Affair
Thursday Next: Lost in a Good Book
Thursday Next: The Well of Lost Plots
Thursday Next: Something Rotten

Catherine Fisher

Marina Fitch
The Border

Sheree Fitch
The Gravesavers

John M. Ford
The Last Hot Time

Michael Thomas Ford
Jane Bites Back

Alan Dean Foster
To the Vanishing Point

Melissa Francis
Bite Me!

Bob Freeman
Cairnwood Manor, Book I: Shadows Over Somerset


Emma Gabor

Neil Gaiman
American Gods
Anansi Boys
Good Omens, with Terry Pratchett
The Graveyard Book
The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Alan Garner
The Owl Service

Chris Genoa

Adele Geras
Egerton Hall, Book 1: The Tower Room

K.L. Going
The Garden of Eve

Christopher Golden
Ghosts of Albion: Accursed, with Amber Benson
Ghosts of Albion: Initiation, with Amber Benson
Ghosts of Albion: Witchery, with Amber Benson
The Seven Whistlers, with Amber Benson

Lisa Goldstein
Dark Cities Underground
Walking the Labyrinth

Jewelle Gomez
The Gilda Stories

Laurence Gonzales

Richard Grant
In the Land of Winter
Kaspian Lost
Tex & Molly in the Afterlife

Cheryl Gray
Barefootin': A Caribbean Tale of the Paranormal

Simon R. Green
Nightside #1: Something from the Nightside
Nightside #2: Agents of Light & Darkness
Nightside #3: Nightingale's Lament
Nightside #4: Hex & the City
Nightside #5: Paths Not Taken
Nightside #6: Sharper Than a Serpent's Tooth
Nightside #7: Hell to Pay
Nightside #8: The Unnatural Inquirer

Daryl Gregory

Ken Grimwood

Louis N. Gruber
Jay: A Spiritual Fantasy

Talia Gryphon
Gillian Key, ParaDoc #1: Key to Conflict

Paula Guran, editor
The Best New Paranormal Romance

Justin Gustainis
Black Magic Woman


Ann Halam

Tate Hallaway
Garnet Lacey #1: Tall, Dark & Dead
Garnet Lacey #2: Dead Sexy
Garnet Lacey #3: Romancing the Dead
Garnet Lacey #4: Dead If I Do

Winifred Halsey, editor
Heaven & Hell

Laurell K. Hamilton
Guilty Pleasures
Incubus Dreams
A Kiss of Shadows
Obsidian Butterfly

Elmore Hammes
The Holmes & Watson Mysterious Events & Objects Consortium: The Case of the Witch's Talisman

Dani Harper
Dark Wolf No. 1: First Bite

Charlaine Harris
Harper Connelly #1: Grave Sight
Harper Connelly #2: Grave Surprise
My Big Fat Supernatural Wedding
Southern Vampire #1: Dead Until Dark
Southern Vampire #2: Living Dead in Dallas
Southern Vampire #3: Club Dead
Southern Vampire #4: Dead to the World
Southern Vampire #5: Dead as a Doornail
Southern Vampire #6: Definitely Dead
Southern Vampire #7: All Together Dead
Southern Vampire #8: From Dead to Worse

Charlaine Harris & Toni L.P. Kelner, editors
Many Bloody Returns

Kim Harrison
Rachel Morgan #1: Dead Witch Walking
Rachel Morgan #2: The Good, the Bad & the Undead
Rachel Morgan #3: Every Which Way But Dead

Rachel Hawthorne
Dark Guardians #1: Moonlight

Julie Hearn
Sign of the Raven

Rhiannon Held

Sheila Hendrix
Bad Company

Bruce Hennigan
Jonathan Steel Chronicles #2: The 12th Demon: Vampyre Majick

James A. Hetley
The Summer Country
The Winter Oak

Jason Hightman
The Saint of Dragons

Debora Elizabeth Hill & Sandra Brandenburg
Lost Myths Saga, Vol. I: The Land of the Wand

T.L. Hines
Waking Lazarus

Alice Hoffman
The Probable Future
Water Tales
  (omnibus: Aquamarine, Indigo)

Mary Hoffman
Stravaganza: City of Masks
Stravaganza: City of Stars

Nina Kiriki Hoffman
A Fistful of Sky
A Red Heart of Memories
The Silent Strength of Stones
The Thread That Binds the Bones

Robert Holdstock
The Hollowing
Mythago Wood

Tom Holt
Djinn Rummy
Expecting Someone Taller
Faust Among Equals
Flying Dutch
Little People
My Hero
Nothing But Blue Skies
Only Human
Open Sesame
Paint Your Dragon
The Portable Door
Snow White & the Seven Samurai
Who's Afraid of Beowulf?
Wish You Were Here

Nancy Holzner

J.E. Hopkins
Lover's Betrayal

Nalo Hopkinson & Geoff Ryman, editors
Tesseracts Nine

Colleen Houck
Tiger's Curse
Tiger's Quest

David L. Howells
Vanessa: Family Tree
Vanessa: All Heaven Breaks Loose
Vanessa: Mended Harps
Vanessa: Fallen Colors

Tanya Huff
Blood Ties #1: Blood Price
Blood Ties #2: Blood Trail
Blood Ties #3: Blood Lines
Blood Ties #4: Blood Pact
Blood Ties #5: Blood Debt
Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light
The Keeper's Chronicles #1: Summon the Keeper
The Keeper's Chronicles #2: The Second Summoning
The Keeper's Chronicles #3: Long Hot Summoning
Smoke #1: Smoke & Shadows
Smoke #2: Smoke & Mirrors
Smoke #3: Smoke & Ashes


Eva Ibbotson
The Secret of Platform 13


Stacey Jay
Dead on the Delta

Susan B. Johnson
Spirit Willing: A Savannah Haunting

Diana Wynne Jones
Deep Secret
Witch Week

Graham Joyce
Dark Sister
The Tooth Fairy


Richard Kadrey
Sandman Slim

Lauren Kate

Susan Kearney
Midnight Magic, with Rebecca York & Jeanie London

Julie Kenner
Carpe Demon

Sherrilyn Kenyon
Dark Hunter #7: Seize the Night

Jackie Kessler
Hell on Earth #1: Hell's Belles
Hell on Earth #2: The Road to Hell
Hell on Earth #3: Hotter Than Hell

Stephen King
Blockade Billy

Karen Koehler

Robert Kroese
Mercury Falls


Mercedes Lackey
Burning Water
Knight of Ghosts & Shadows, with Ellen Guon
Jinx High
Sacred Ground

James Richard Larson
The Right Thing

Michael Lawrence
Withern Rise #1: A Crack in the Line

Jonathan Lethem
The Fortress of Solitude

Paul Levinson
The Plot to Save Socrates

Jane Lindskold

Kelly Link & Gavin J. Grant, editors
The Best of Lady Churchill's Rosebud Wristlet

Denise Little, editor
The Magic Shop
The Sorcerer's Academy

Marjorie M. Liu
Hunter Kiss #3: A Wild Light

Roxanne Longstreet
The Undead

Janet Lorimer
Master of Shadows

Valerie Rolfe Lupini
The Whistle


Katie MacAlister
Aisling Grey, Guardian #1: You Slay Me
Aisling Grey, Guardian #2: Fire Me Up

R.A. MacAvoy
Tea with the Black Dragon

Carolyn MacCullough
Once a Witch

Karen Macinerney
Tales of an Urban Werewolf #1: Howling at the Moon

L.S. Matthews
The Outcasts

Erin McCarthy
Vegas Vampires #1: High Stakes
Vegas Vampires #2: Bit the Jackpot
Vegas Vampires #3: Bled Dry
Vegas Vampires #4: Sucker Bet

Jeremy McGuire
O'Shaughnessey: A Boy & His Leprechaun

Patricia A. McKillip
Solstice Wood
Something Rich & Strange, illustrated by Brian Froud

Robin McKinley

Richelle Mead
Georgina Kincaid #1: Succubus Blues
Georgina Kincaid #2: Succubus On Top
Georgina Kincaid #3: Succubus Dreams
Georgina Kincaid #4: Succubus Heat
Vampire Academy

Carlton Mellick III
The Menstruating Mall
Punk Land
Sea of the Patchwork Cats
Sex & Death in Television Town

O.R. Melling
The Druid's Tune
The Hunter's Moon
The Light-Bearer's Daughter
The Summer King

Colin Meloy
The Wildwood Chronicles, Book I: Wildwood

Sienna Mercer
My Sister the Vampire #1: Switched
My Sister the Vampire #4: Vampalicious!

Stephenie Meyer
Twilight #2: New Moon
Twilight #4: Breaking Dawn

David Michael
The Summoning Fire

Kate Milford
The Boneshaker

Jonna L. Miller
Haunting for Time

Bob Mitchell
Match Made in Heaven

Alexandra Monir

Christopher Moore
Bloodsucking Fiends: A Love Story
Coyote Blue
A Dirty Job
The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove
Practical Demonkeeping
The Stupidest Angel
You Suck

James Morrow
Only Begotten Daughter

Lisa Morton

Natasha Mostert

C.E. Murphy
Baba Yaga's Daughter & Other Tales of the Old Races
Walker Papers #1: Urban Shaman
Walker Papers #6: Spirit Dances

Yxta Maya Murray
Red Lion #2: The King's Gold

Justine Musk


Ryan O'Brien
The Land of Whoo

TJ O'Connor
Dying to Know

Tim O'Laughlin
Phoenix Fire

Pat O'Shea
The Hounds of the Morrigan


Stephen R. Pastore
Never on These Shores

James Patterson
Maximum Ride: The Angel Experiment (audiobook)

Nicole Peeler
Tempest Rising

Nicholas Pekearo
The Wolfman

Stefan Petrucha
The Rule of Won

Vicki Pettersson
Sign of the Zodiac #1: Scent of Shadows
Sign of the Zodiac #2: Taste of Night
Sign of the Zodiac #3: Touch of Twilight

Christopher Pike

Barbara Ann Porte
Beauty & the Serpent: Thirteen Tales of Unnatural Animals

Tim Powers
Down & Out in Purgatory
The Drawing of the Dark
Earthquake Weather
Expiration Date
Last Call
Salvage & Demolition

Terry Pratchett
Good Omens, with Neil Gaiman
Johnny & the Bomb
Johnny & the Dead
Only You Can Save Mankind

Cherie Priest
Four & Twenty Blackbirds
Wings to the Kingdom

Jack Priest
Night Witch


Daniel Quinn
The Holy


Melanie Rawn

Kimberly Raye
The Devil's in the Details

Kristopher Reisz
Tripping to Somewhere

Kat Richardson

Tom Robbins
Half Asleep in Frog Pajamas
Skinny Legs & All

Lane Robins
Sins & Shadows (as Lyn Benedict)

Spider Robinson
Callahan's Crosstime Saloon

Lawrence Lee Rowe Jr.
Tempus Fugit

J.K. Rowling
Harry Potter & the Sorcerer's Stone
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
Harry Potter & the Prisoner of Azkaban
Harry Potter & the Goblet of Fire
Harry Potter & the Order of the Phoenix
Harry Potter & the Half-Blood Prince
Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows
Fantastic Beasts & Where to Find Them
Quidditch Through the Ages

Salman Rushdie
The Ground Beneath Her Feet
The Moor's Last Sigh

Alan Peter Ryan
The Back of Beyond

Geoff Ryman

Geoff Ryman & Nalo Hopkinson, editors
Tesseracts Nine


Don Sakers
The Curse of the Zwilling

Suza Scalora
The Fairies

Ezra Scott
Angel Up My Sleeve

Lorelei Shannon
Rags & Old Iron

Rich Shapero
Wild Animus

Lucius Shepard
A Handbook of American Prayer

Ben Sherwood
The Death & Life of Charlie St. Cloud

Will Shetterly
Shadow Unit: Season One

Kory M. Shrum
Dying for a Living

Neal Shusterman

Kassandra Sims
Falling Upwards

Susan Sizemore
Laws of the Blood: Deceptions
Laws of the Blood: Heroes

Barry H. Smith
Twilight Dynasty: Courting Evil

Midori Snyder
Hannah's Garden

Jenna Solitaire
Daughter of Destiny #3: Keeper of the Flames
Daughter of Destiny #4: Keeper of the Earth

Wen Spencer

Nancy Springer
Fair Peril
The Hex Witch of Seldom

Jeanne C. Stein
The Anna Strong Chronicles #3: The Watcher

John Stephens
Books of Beginning: The Emerald Atlas

Sean Stewart
The Night Watch
Resurrection Man

Tamara Summers
Never Bite a Boy on the First Date

Mitzi Szereto, editor
Red Velvet & Absinthe


Karen E. Taylor
Blood Secrets

Laini Taylor
Lips Touch: Three Times

Jean Thesman
The Other Ones

Kate Thompson
Midnight's Choice
Wild Blood


Chris Van Allsburg
The Chronicles of Harris Burdick: 14 Amazing Authors Tell the Tales

Carrie Vaughn
Kitty Norville #2: Kitty Goes to Washington
Kitty Norville #3: Kitty Takes a Holiday
Kitty Norville #4: Kitty & the Silver Bullet


Jo Walton
Among Others

Daniel Waters
Generation Dead

Steven E. Wedel

Robert Weinberg
The Occult Detective

Julie Ann Weinstein
Flashes from the Otherworld

Phaedra Weldon
Zoe Martinique Investigations #1: Wraith

Kathryn Wesley
The 10th Kingdom

Kim Wilkins
The Autumn Castle

Chet Williamson
The Crow: Clash By Night
Figures in Rain
The Searchers #1: City of Iron
The Searchers #2: Empire of Dust
Second Chance

Connie Willis
Inside Job
Winds of Marble Arch & Other Stories

G. Willow Wilson
Alif the Unseen

Jenine Wilson
The Shadow Within

Terri Windling
The Changeling

Terri Windling
The Wood Wife

Terri Windling & Ellen Datlow, editors
The Green Man: Tales from the Mythic Forest
Salon Fantastique
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 11th edition
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 12th edition
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 13th edition
The Year's Best Fantasy & Horror, 14th edition

Mary Ann Winkowski & Maureen Foley
The Book of Illumination

Rowena Wright
A Loop in Time


Jane Yolen
Briar Rose
Tartan Magic #1: The Wizard's Map

Rebecca York, Susan Kearney & Jeanie London
Midnight Magic